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  • mlanders33 mlanders33 Jun 2, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    Great valuations- why so low?

    American National Insurance Co has great valuation metrics.

    Why is the price so low?

    Why the decline?

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    • Donald smith is a great value investor focused on book value primarily.

      Moodys own 76% of the company and Donald Smith owns 5%...80% of the company in strong hands.

      Smith continues to buy about 90K shares per estimate of his average cost is around $80.

      What worries me is that we dont have a major value investor in NWLI. Ofcourse that by itself shouldn't be a reason not to invesnt in NWLI but I would have thought some savvy value investors would atleast take a 5% position.

      My guess is NWLI could well go lower if some this smaller hedge funds decides to cash out because of redemptions or because there are better opportunities instead of waiting for NWLI to turnaround or management of NWLI to wake up and so something about the stock price.

      ANAT atleast pays you a nice 4.5% whilst you wait !

    • check the percentage ratio of payout per monies taken in, that might give you a clue to a loss of capital or an increase of payout which hence would give you a lower stock price, that said, it does not mean this is not a good time to buy the stock if you believe in the company because of the lower stock price and you want the dividend.

    • pj:


      I just checked with the yahoo search engine and learned that All My Children has been cancelled, so your prediction has proven to be correct.

      Congratulations Nostradamus!

    • pj:

      "ANAT will outlive all my children".

      Well, the soap opera All My Children has been on tv for over 40 years but ANAT has been paying dividends for over 100 years, so I think you are correct.

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