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  • pmlljl pmlljl Mar 16, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

    Great valuations- why so low?


    I agree that he is grossly overpaid but so are the CEO's of most other publicly owned companies. How do you propose that they be limited to reasonable compensation? It is a terrible problem because they can take whatever they want and the boards are all stacked with their self appointed friends.

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    • Bought me self a wee bit of ANAT.

      pmlljl, what ratio (by $ amount) do you hold NWLI, KCLI and ANAT ?

      NWLI has the growth potential and biggest discount to book, ANAT has the dividend.....which do you like better at this stage ?

      I must say getting paid 4.3% divi whilst we wait seems a little more paletable than miniscule dividend on NWLI.

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      • wimbledonwo...:

        I roughly own about the same dollar amounts of ANAT and NWLI and a considerably smaller amount of KCLI, maybe 10% to 15% of the dollar amount in ANAT and NWLI. I don't necessarily consider these to be optimum ratios.

        I bought ANAT first, partly for the dividend, and discovered NWLI later. I was attracted by its growth record. However, the market despises insurance companies currently because of the low interest rate environment. And none of these companies is really shareholder friendly. KCLI is the only one that buys its own stock back and only in small amounts. None of them raise their dividends frequently, and they all have overpaid executives.

        I am hoping that the presidential election might go to the Republicans and that we may eventually get a new Fed chairman who might change the interest rate environment. I think it is a terrible thing to keep bailing out the banks time after time and punishing the small savers and investors as interest rates paid on savings and money market funds have been at near 0% for almost 4 years.

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