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  • cottonbelter cottonbelter Jun 23, 2006 10:11 AM Flag


    Is Noble a potential takeover target?

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    • Jim:
      Quite a heady rise over the past 5 sessions...
      NBL up $8.33, HES up $7.61, APA up $6.27, EOG up $8.44, MRO up $10.08, OXY up $9.25...all from their lows hit on 6/22.
      The APC dealing sure seemed to be the tripwire that set things off. Should be some register ringing tomorrow before the close with cash again being king going into the holiday.


    • <<Is Noble a potential takeover target?>>>

      Yes. As Jim puts it, anybody who sells NBL is nuts. NBL's market cap is about $10 per Boe of proved reserves. Obviously a better deal than trying to drill for 750 million Boe.
      Feeling pretty good as KMG and NBL are my largest positions.

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      • Hey Viking

        I also owned KMG for one year and sold this morning on the wonderful news. I am looking for a new "kmg", been looking at DVN but this Noble caught my eye as i noticed the same type of assets that KMG had. Anyway is NBL your best bet or is it maybe DVN or Pioneer or EON or St. Mary's land. Anyone of those that you would stay away from specifically, because I think I will go with NBL but I need to do my DD

        How about all those Freebies we got from KMG, those TRXB shares and speical dividends also stock split. Wow that stock was something else. Help Me Find The Next KMG!!!!

      • Congrats to you buddy. Glad you have Kerr McGee. I unfortunately have a large position in APC, feeling that they would be the 'first' to be taken over (yea, right). Fortunately, I have been buying an equal amt of NBL these past several days, but I think that APC will languish for several weeks on this totally unexpected, acquiring of two companies for a ridiculous premium. I bgt APC with the takeover in mind, the C/F, the buybacks, etc, etc, etc. Now all of these things that I bgt the stock for are put on hold. Sure, the C/F will be great, but once they start paying off 23 'billion' dollars of debt, the C/F will go to debt repayment. Already Moodys & S&P are thinking about lowering their credit rating. I'll be owning this company for the forseeable future. Noble however should go back to the mid to high forties as they are a VERY attractive T/O candidate. They are also drilling in the same area's as the companies that APC purchased for a very large premium.
        Sorry to put so much about APC on this board...will try to keep my posts on NBL going forward.
        Good luck to all longs.
        Go Rocks....rock on.

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