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  • wrnlkztwrzft wrnlkztwrzft Feb 14, 2012 5:34 AM Flag

    Josephine Chaus

    Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

    Yours is the most disgusting behavior of a CEO of any company I have ever seen.

    After watching this for years I see now the valid complaints of others before that you were so headstrong in disallowing others of running this company right. You shot yourself in the foot. You could have made something of this company.

    I see now that you have had only your interests of drawing a huge salary to the expense of stockholders. You have to be the most bigoted, selfish, person ever to run a company.

    Now you see your way clear to steal our stock in cahoots with this Camuto. If you follow through with this thievery, both you and Comuto should be locked up.

    Your only redemption would be to step back and allow professionals to come in and bring this company up to profitablity. This could be done. You do not need Comuto.

    What does Comuto have to offer in respect to this company? Absolutely nothing but thievery.

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