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  • split_city split_city May 1, 2008 12:22 AM Flag


    This volume is amazing. Fundamentals are no longer ruling the day for the dollar. Money is coming back in early in preparation for the dollar's rise. This is a classic momentum shift. The dollar is cheap, commodities are expensive. It's market osmosis at its best. Time to double down on gold.

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    • Is this a double top in the dollar or is there more room to run?

      I want in!!!!

    • Eary, but right anyway.

    • Dollar DID NOT start its long term fall when the FED started lowering rates last year - it started long before that. Go to and find out for yourself. Why - because EURO is a much better currency. This is why.

      To win votes and elections ( to fulfill their SOCIAL beliefs ), US politicians ( past and present ) have made HUGE UNSUSTAINABLE PROMISES to people. Also, the govt basically wants everybody to drive a Mercedes and live in a 5000 sqft home and its monetary and fiscal policies are geared towards that. So the FED is increasing the money supply by 15% every year ( according to news sources). The price of anything is determined by supply and demand. WHEN DOLLAR IS PRINTED IN QUANTITIES OF JUNK MAIL, IT LOSES ITS VALUE.

      THE PRINTING OF EURO IS NOT GOVERNED BY ANY SINGLE COUNTRY - SO ITS PRINTING WONT BE INFLUENCED BY THE WISHES OF THE POLITICIANS OF ANY SINGLE COUNTRY. It wont be influenced by the stock market or economy of any single country. Members of its central bank dont come from one single country - but from many different ones. HENCE PEOPLE CAN HAVE MORE FAITH IN THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK'S INDEPENDENCE AND POLICIES.

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      • You are talking about the past. The markets look to the future. The best bet is that the dollar rises from here. Yes, the dollar is cheaper but so are our exports. The dollar has been devalued to the point of insanity and we are still the world's largest economy with our trade deficit declining. This is a momentum shift in a classic turnaround senerio.

    • Shut up you! Every time you speak or post you weaken the nation. How's that S1 call LOL! You said it should drop and it gained over 5% when earnings were reported. How's that EBay short?

      Toni = babbling idiot = loser

    • Again, was simply troubled by a post linking concern about CD rates (income) with speculative investing and arbitrage. Hopefully you can see the disconnect.

      I can't possibly imagine owning an airline (they don't make money at $50 oil much less $100 oil), especially during a recession, but good luck with that.

      "If God had meant man to fly he would have given him wings." - Robert "Bob" Crandall, former CEO, American Airlines.

    • Very well stated. Buy the dogs. They're man's best friend.

    • It's not too late. This is just the beginning of a trend. Check out this article.

      "Despite the lack of a clear pause signal in yesterday's Fed announcement, the markets are treating May/June as the pivot point beyond which they can no longer reliably depend on ever cheaper dollars to fuel speculative binges in commodities," said Jon Nadler, senior analyst at Kitco Bullion Dealers.

    • split,

      I just found DZZ, and mentioned today to a group of friends, none of them have ever heard of it. i did just this past monday ( i dont have a life,) "she thinks that anyway" LOL 2/3 weeks ago I sure would have been in, missed another on!


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