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  • ad1156 ad1156 Aug 20, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    You are all clueless

    The vast majority of current SFXE management sold their prior companies to SFXE for STOCK, not cash. With major brands such as Master Card, Corona, Verizon etc. signing long term co-marketing deals with SFXE (as recently as last month) do you think for one second that the companies a) did not do their DD on the company prior to entering into a LT deal and b) do not buy into the LT strategy or the business model? With the music industry morphing rapidly (Beats acquired by Apple for how much ???) SFXE has one of the few sustainable revenue streams left in the industry....LIVE PERFORMANCES. With EDM growing at over 30% this year, the only issue the stock as is that the Co has not marketed its prospects to the investment community as effectively as Bezos did with Amazon...(how many years until positive cash flow??)

    I suppose it is true when they say ignorance is bliss. A lot of blissful people on this Board.

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    • You are correct. These companies know more of sfxe's future plans than investors. It all comes together as live events are soon at thousands of theaters throughout the world and tv is available on a delayed basis. Many other media outlets are in the works. MTV is one station and several theaters already testing this with portions of tomorrowland and some of the corona beach concerts/festivals. This is only the beginning.

    • Ahhh, and yet, and yet, they just had to borrow an additional $20 million from their senior credit facility and they are going to try to sell more of their second lien toilet paper. What of that?

      ad, you are just a clueless fool. I hope you are an employee or one of Sillermans' brainless executives, and not an investor. You are too stupid to invest and just about right to work for Sillerman.

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      • Mr Ed you misguided ignorant #$%$. The announcement only announced a plan. If you can read you would notice the word future acquisitions is included. A plan isn't the same as "had to borrow". A plan means in the future which may or may not happen. Comprehendo? Why the fixation with toilet paper? Are you Cornholio?

      • Mr. Ed...wasn't that a show about a talking horse...clever that you've gone viral. Frankly, SFXE is a high growth company consolidating a high growth sector. Debt is meaningless, its about ROCE and growth rate. Period. You either believe in the trajectory of the industry and truly understand it, understand the competitive landscape, the paths to monetization and the people involved or you don't. Some investors have good horse sense and some are just horses #$%$. Which are you?

      • Ed, you were claiming a short time ago that the company would sell stock soon, the company could not issue debt and sillerman would not buy stock. It is all in your post history so don't deny it. Everything you say is false. Almost all companies have debt. What is the problem? Show me a company without debt. And why can't you communicate without childish name calling?

    • So how come all the "prior companies" sold their companies to SFX for "STOCK not cash" with the stock valued at $5/sh even weeks after the IPO at $13? By the way, most of those prior companies also got a big amount of cash. Ever see a company do a deal which valued their stock at 38% of what they sold it to the public for? Oh and also look into when those new shareholders are allowed to sell their stock; little hint, it will be supply not demand.

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