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  • infinity_capital_group infinity_capital_group Oct 11, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Saying goodbye after 26 years of holding this security...such sweet sorrow


    We bought the SEE oin 1987 after the crash...We never liked the Hickey acquistion of Diversey we never saw the strategic fit... We held and while Davis Select sold and the board ousted Hickey with shareholder pressure....We waited to see the new direction with new management....Well we don't see the light nor are we drinking the Kool Aid. Cost cuts = no growth...Price hikes = no growth. You can't cost cut and price hike your way to growth. Not a very good formula for success...Especially where a company like SEE is a converter of sorts they really don't have pricing leverage as their customers have many other choices. We believe that companies in their industry need to be the low cost most efficient volume producer with innovative products to win and take market share and grow. For many years SEE grew but no growth is a no go for us. Coscto is a little company ever heard of it? Well they do not pander to shareholders they cater to customers and somehow they manage to run a very successful company on 15% margins. Actually we see revenues slipping and margins?? Why? well if customers go elsewhere prodcution lines at SEE will be idle or slow and that will impact earnings not improve them. That is our view ... We want to be in companies where the customer's say Wow! Not where customer's are saying Whoa what is going on. After doing some extensive channel check's with SEE customers the feedback is not so can't dictate policy which is not customer friendly it elienates customers and or not be customer oreniented and not expect backlash....customers have choices. Good luck to those who stay we see greener pastures else SSYS

    Remember the Maginut Line ? well the Germans just went around it... and out flanked them... We think SEE competitors are going to out flank them if current management arrogance continues..that is our view...It is sad this was a core holding....for many years...Only time well telll...

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