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  • joehj815 joehj815 Feb 5, 2006 2:18 PM Flag

    FNGC/Going Concern

    "Our continuation as a going concern is dependent upon obtaining of approximately $5.5 million of additional financing to drill a replacement well on the DB Prospect. If we are unable to continue as a going concern,YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT"

    The statement really scare me. May I lose my entire investment?

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    • Joeh... I'm concerned about you and your investing prowess. My advice to you is to sell all of your shares and put your proceeds under the mattress.

      If you never read an SEC prospectus before. Absolutely there is a ton of risk. However that part of the prospectus was also written prior to a) this latest refinance which gives Falcon access to a total amt of $35 million and b) prior to them drilling Live Oak and Gemini... which will begin revenue production this week.

      However, if you are really a nervous nelly on this... and this represents more than you can stand to lose... you might want to consider opening up a christmas savings account somewhere... where you can now generate approximately 5%.

      Good luck with that.

    • Joeh... my agitation as you refer to it... comes from my shere incredulousness of how you can go from strong buy to strong sell in the course of just an hour. My agitation really has to do with the fact that I don't think you should be investing the family inheritance. Let me guess. Single, never married. Way too much time on your hands??? I think you need another hobby that gets you out of the house. Have you considered lawn bowling???

    • Congrats. You have done the most important work on earth by raising great kids. Nothing more important than that.

      Enjoy your day.

    • Good luck with FNGC. It could be a 10 - 100 bagger, i.e. your $20,000 investment could turn into $200,000 - $2,000,000. I wish it become just that. I liquidated all with a loss of about $3,000.

      Life, I am very good in playing BlackJack & Baccarat. I'v been in Las Vegas in numerous time on junket flights. I can say that I'm a calculated risk taker.

      With the FNGC, it sound just not right. They found two producing wells but struggle to secure $5.5 additional fund from Cornell. If they indeed drilled two commercially producing wells, they do not need any more financing. Perhaps, they found some gas producing wells, but it could be not commercial grade!!! Here comes the calculated risk. To me, with $20,000, playing BlackJack in Las Vegas would give better return.

      Good Luck, however, all of you who invested in FNGC.


    • Armed... I'm crazy swamped today. I did not see the wings/avalanche. Even though I live here... my heart is still in Boston. Have never even been to a game here.

      That said... the snow was great over the weekend. But every one and their grandmother was up on the slopes. Going again on Thursday for a couple of days.

      Hope your life is going well you crazy bastard. We need to get you another hobby so that you can take your aggressions out on a punching bag as opposed to the likes of Swarfy. I know you're just having fun!

      Enjoy your day.

    • Scammer... all I was doing was making a mere observation of Joeh. I really could care less whether he buys or sells the stock. I was merely observing that the man often goes to a strong buy to a strong sell in the course of a day... on not just FNGC but ONCY as well. And he seems to do this with every last post that he sees. As of said before to him... get off the board and don't take my word for anything. Go do your own DD and then do what's best for you. Period.

    • Joeh... Good luck. Just please be careful around sharp objects and remember to take your medication on time. And if you hurry you can catch the next junkett trip to Vegas where maybe you can land a deal at the Flamingo, that includes a free prime rib buffet. And whether it's Vegas or the stock market... you really should be a little more careful as to how you invest that family inheritance of yours.

    • talk about swinging in the breeze. you come across as being severely emotionally unstable - antagonisitic and then almost apologetic.

      you don't know shit about his kids except their chosen careers. and their jobs make them "great" in your view. sad.

      u need to disconnect with FNGC and reconnect with sanity dude.

    • $0.56 x 63 million shares = $35 million
      $0.56 x 33.9 million shares = $19 million
      $0.46 x 43.478 million shares = $18.9 million
      $0.345 x 57.91 million shares = $18.9 million
      $0.23 x 60 million shares = $14.16 million
      $0.115 x 60 million shares = $7.04 million.

      How many shares Cornell plan to sell depent entirely upon the market price of the FNGC share.

    • I thought going concern was a typo mistake and that it should have been '' growing concern''

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