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  • joehj815 joehj815 Feb 16, 2006 5:47 PM Flag

    Dry Hole vs Completed Hole

    Dry hole costs $4,349,000 and completed hole cost $5,500,000.

    Production report from MaryLyne #1 from Live Oak County will "probably" come "soon". This well may "potentially" have a greater amount of natural gas.

    Life is not investing just for mere $0.56/share. After DB3 project completion, it "potentially" move up to $5.60/share.

    Good luck for All of You.

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    • Joeh...

      Are you writing from a fricken insane asylum? I do believe you are certifiably schizophrenic.

      And for the record folks... I'll be gone all weekend attempting to earn a living at my real work. Will not be posting on here for a few days. I know that will certainly upset alot of people and lead to serious life withdrawls. But I'm sure you will all pull through.

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