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  • lafrance_paul lafrance_paul Jan 7, 2010 2:42 PM Flag


    cycc doubled today. Is it a premonition of what we can expect from Onco when positive from ongoing trials come out. What worries me a bit is that enrollment does'nt seem to be completed in all phase 2 trials and also that phase 3 trial protocol does'nt seem to be submitted to FDA. All comments welcome.

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    • It certainly appears that the news coming out of ONCY is much further along... i.e. Phase III vs Phase II for CYCC and oncy already has their SPA. What CYCC has is a New Jersey based company with a good PR team. Oncy is behind the curve on the PR side... but have great technology... which will eventually prove itself out with the share price. Hang on in there.

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      • The news from Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ CYCC) is that their orally administered seliciclib selectively targeted K-Ras and N-Ras active NSCLC cell lines, killing them through apoptosis. The testing being reported on was in pre-clinical (in vitro and in vivo) work ... not on humans. This was perhaps not obvious in the PR to the investors. Cyclacel does have an ongoing Phase IIb Trial running (3rd through 5th line NSCLC)
        PR at:

        Seliciclib is an orally available inhibitor of multiple cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs).

        This news got them a 152% share price jump. It’s only through a bit of digging (from Aug 2008) ( ) that we find the earlier recommendation based on their IIb Trial’s preliminary data says:
        - There were no safety concerns that would warrant stopping the study;
        - The study would probably not demonstrate an improvement in progression-free survival as there was no trend favoring the seliciclib treatment arm;
        - As a definitive conclusion could not be reached because of the low number of events, it was recommended that the study be continued.

        Their Phase IIb Trial is only likely to lead to a justification of another Phase II Trial, but this time only for Ras active NSCLC. As our Reolysin NSCLC results will be out before that; Cyclacel might choose not to proceed with a Ras focused Trial.

        It is nice to see what a little (perceived) good news can do for a stock though.


      • I think you must be a newcommer ... the reason ONC/ONCY is not recognized as a legitimate company is because of inept management ... who in their right mind would partner with the inept of the inept ... BT (the incompetent) is the reason we are where we are! Once BT is "buried" we have a chance at partnering and a rise in share price that we should have had 5 years ago. We can also thank the inept BoD for this failure to "bury" BT (the incomprtrnt)). BT is as incompetent as they get. And people still keep wondering why we are not recognized as a legitimate bio. What ajoke. Bury the BoD with the inept CEO! mm

    • Huge volume!! be nice when that happens with ONCY

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