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  • imatrader65 imatrader65 Mar 22, 2011 3:23 PM Flag

    Dumb Question - stop loss

    very possibly a dumb questions (appreciate only light hearted banter). What type of stop losses do people have in place for this stock? I know I have to protect myself but I worry that a trailing stop - where the stop whipsaws I could lose my position. Thought please? ?
    Thank-you in advance to all the kind people who help out on this board.


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    • Oh thank God!!
      I was able to pick up more shares at $ 5.85 before PPS went back down.
      Mink :0)

    • I knew it would get your attention. I didn't know it would light your fuse.

      >> are a LOOOOOSER....haaaaaaaaa ...LOOSE woman????? LOOSE tongue????:&.. Please stop me! As if you haven't figured it out yet, when a specific language is only a part of a garden variety of expressions i.e linguistically speaking (haaaaaaaaaa) individuals develop a " loose" lingo, which in it's lingual absurdity should be granted a bit of absolution for the sake of world peace, (power to the people!!!:)))HaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa...<<

      You must have been a collage professor.

    • Lottery is a subtle way of getting back part of the welfare benefits given to the unemployed that otherwise would never pay taxes.

    • "I agree triggerman. I call lotteries stupid taxes. Lotteries are negative sum games; markets are positive sum games.

      The analogy is dumb.'

      Bow wow. Lottery, a negative sum game? Not if you run the game. Same in the market. The analogy is dumb? Read the post again. Lottery gives you a chance. One in 14 million? Still a chance. The biotech market gives you one in ten chance, if you know what you'r doing ,to compete for the 3% chance to make money within less than the 10% winners. In other words, same chance as in Lotto( don't forget that lotteries pay back on avg 45% of the loot.)1 in 80 get their money back. It is about hmmmmm same as 3% of 10%. Do you think that many get their money back from biotech investment? HaaaaaaaaaaaHa.

    • I agree triggerman. I call lotteries stupid taxes. Lotteries are negative sum games; markets are positive sum games.

      The analogy is dumb.


    • Unless your whole purpose in life is to tempt the Market Makers with cheap shares don't do it.

      Think of it this way. Your an individual who has chosen to place a stop loss on their stock holdings. At any given time there may be hundreds who have also done the same thing.You may have chosen $4.50, someone else may have chosen $4.62, someone else $4.67 and some one else may have chosen 5 cents aove that and so on so forth right up to pennies below the actual asking price of the Stock.
      So, I ask you a question. How hard would it be for a Market Maker who sees all these stop losses on their screens to make the necessary strategic trades to drop the price down to where they can buy all the shares listed on Stop loss's? I assure you you will soon find out how fast they can do this if you do not believe me.

      Here's another concept to think about is. Have you ever wondered how many people have buys in at various prices below the current stock price? So, if a Market Maker does take the price lower momentarily the stock can end up in a lot of different accounts through legitimate buys. Convenient for hiding what was done wouldn't you say? After all, the Market Maker did not acquire all of the stock, a number of different buyers made purchases on the way down or back up as the case may be.

      Best of Luck

      PH Drifter

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      • I would never buy a thinly traded stock and place a stop loss. A stop loss strategy is most effective for an actively traded stock.

        however, if you'd like to protect the profit that you already have, you might use a stop loss, though there are better methods.

        Using a stop loss on ONCY. Let's say that you buy ONCY at $5 and believe that it should be currently valued at $8. Then in a matter of days it shoots up to $10.50. At this point you are thinking "To da moon." Some traders might take pause and say to themselves that they see a retrenchment back into the $8's as a possibility and are willing to gamble the upside in order to protect the profits already made. As an example, those traders might put in stop losses between $9.50 and $10.

        Just my opinion. Always remember that you are dealing with a thinly traded stock.

    • pulldatrigger Mar 23, 2011 8:31 AM Flag

      A lottery is a tax on people who are not good at math.

    • Nice to see you're still out there in your piles of shavings.
      The lottery similarity I saw was people when buying into a speculative stock -
      like lottery hopefuls - immediately start looking at aston martins and yachts.
      One may be less unlikely than the other but neither is a sure thing.
      What they have in common is a lessening of objectivity.

    • Thanks everyone for your input - even the ribbing. I really do appreciate it because it verified what i was thinking - and that is I could lose all my shares in a heartbeat. I am long and I believe in this stock - meaning I believe it is a winner. But don't we all? Thanks again and yes i am pretty naive but I have enough sense to ask questions. Thanks again !

    • Well, well, .... Tell you what, pick a stop loss price, and perhaps as some one suggested say at 25% under your current share price... let me know how many shares you now have and I will buy them from you immediately.
      Of course you wont do that right? I don't mean to sound negative for you but I put it that way for a point. The way MM's work, they COULD trigger something like that and in a heart beat you would lose your shares and in another couple of heart beats it could run back up to 75% of where it was. 25% is really so unlikely here though that you could probably safely put that in place, but as suggested already, that just triggers a sell order for you at market and a 25% fall would eat up bids pretty quickly. Your shares could sell for 3 bucks on a $4.25 stop loss order!
      If you are worried, sell some of your shares to ease some of that worry. It is really okay to do that. However you will probably have to deal with the loss you feel in the pit of your stomach when you see the share price a couple of months from now up over 10 bucks or so. (or?????? could be anywhere...)
      I think I just wrote one of the most worthless posts ever! hahahaha )
      Take care all and if you can afford it.... buy this puppy up and don't sell your shares cheap!!!!

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