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  • pwstan pwstan Nov 17, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

    Hey D2foxes

    I couldn't have been more stunned/surprised/baffled, although I shouldn't have been given the secret nature of these boards and posters holding their true intentions secret, regarding Bridger's proclamations about Oncy's P3 "failure" and his insinuation that Reo behaves great in the petri dish and poor in the human body. IMO, he must have felt that way all along, you just don't turn on a dime like that. He's most likely been shorting for quite some time, and probably really happy with the outcome. All that said, I had come to respect his perspective and at a minimum, gave weight to what he said. Mea Culpa.

    But, you indicated you chatted on the QT with a number of "knowledgeable" board members and it seemed like you tried to communicate offline with Bridger. I've always valued your opinion. You always seem to ask, "what if"? And I like that kind of critical thinking. Can you share with me/us anything that you've learned? If you'd like to go private, my email is on the V2 board. If you choose not to that's cool too.

    Thanks D2, Pat

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    • No not always, but I was having concerns when the US PII H&N falled to be as conviencing as it should have been.


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      • Bridger,

        What changed your mind? The assessment of the first 80 was done at 16 weeks after the 80th patient got on study. The data was better than I was expecting. The RR and PFS for the whole trial population was clearly better than expected. It was clear based on the commentary at the time that even the stats guy was blinded. Did the fact theat Senoir people got walked lead you to believe that there is a problem?

        For those of you that acused Bridger of being a basher, he is not. He has contrbuted to many discussions here, both pro and con. No one has all the answers, we are here to try to determine risk.


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    • It did seem like every time he called a buy, the pps went down though he never really got involved in discussions on fundamentals. But now he seems to have outed himself in a desperate bash and pps rises. Shorts are panicking as institutions keep buying the shares they worked so hard to get sold.

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