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  • kenny94587 kenny94587 Nov 28, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    May the person who has never lied

    cast the 1st stone. Some of you are laughable. I lie at times, I try to make that very very rare. So have all of you.! Do you think that becoming president automatically is supposed to make you both infallible and perfect? All of our presidents have been human. Some, (like George Bush) have been a lot worse than others. All presidents have lied in office. We rarely get a great choice at who we "get" to vote for and that is pretty intentional by the real powers that be. But in this instance the thought of Mitt was far to scary. Obama will not distroy the world but I believe there was a chance Mitt could have.
    Now back to ONCY. I have some sad news.... I am done buying for a while, but the good side to that is we can take 'er back up now and before late December would be nice.

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    • Guys: Just bend over, let the MM have his way with you and stop talking politics.
      If you're not careful, you'll all sound like armedescape after a while.
      We all know how much pain he's in!

    • Sounds like you are a lying Democrat apologist whose defense of party is based on the old tired let's blame and smear George Bush for everything wrong that we ourselves do line of crap.

      The reality is that anyone who misleads the nation should be held accountable to the nation.

      The second reality is that I personally do not lie on this forum. You could probably look at my hundreds of posts and find an unintentional mistatement here or there, but an outright lie requires intent.

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    • Wow, that's an idea. Based on precedence(and because kenny is an admitted liar) history of lying can not be used to disqualify for government job, not even for President. And because there are many who steal, thief is ok too. Rapists, based on the huge number of reported and unreported cases,can only be disqualified for Supreme Court Justice job. But OK for AG.
      It must be radiation. The Sun, outer space, Tv's, cellphones, fluoride, food dyes hmmmm.. hair dye, too many fake blonds-all dumb as chalk, PC- 2 1/2 generations of knuckle walkers..............

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    • Kenny, dont give up so much up front. No need to stipulate that the current president has lied.

      Its a lie that Barack has lied or lies. He is as honest a president as we've had or will have.

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      • Hgff - You have got to be kidding me. He has no clue as to what he is doing. Well I take that back. He does have a clue. He wants the US to be a socialist country and not be a world power anymore. You will see. The libs will coming running back and ask the conversatives to bail the country out. But is may be too late.


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      • You've made a lot of stupid statements in the past but that was by far the most stupid. Every president HAS to lie to do their job, it's a given. To say that Obama is "better at it" than the others is ridiculous. Actually, I would say he's more "gifted" at it. You really can't tell when he's telling a lie and when he's not. Good grief!!!!

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