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  • btisaclown btisaclown Dec 5, 2012 9:30 AM Flag

    i come to gloat, its great being me today, MMR to da moon and xmas came early and big...

    so while ONC is cratering and the tawdry fraud squad and pump crowd were enticing rubes and newbies to buy more ONC..

    ... well i was loading up on MMR options and then BOOM papa FCX decides to bring its prodigal son MMR back into the fold

    ...500% gain for me today on my MMR... holy why would i buy ONC

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    • The dips#!t is here. Your favorite read must be Fart jokes for dimwits. The welfare office must have sent the rent check for December, eh? Did you ask 'em for heated seat for your Outhouse too? If they turn you down, tell them you are tired of having your skin tags glued frozen to the seat. 500%???!! HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa. The only 500% of anything in your miserable life is the occasional torrent of foul smell engulfing your couch. Idi@t.

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      • Say, armedescape! Weren't you touting, about four years back, how you'd be buying yachts and big houses, in three years, or so, all due to ONCY's unrealized potential, at the time?
        I distinctly remember you discussing with some other dupe, what sized yachts you'd buy.

        I just want to ask: Did that ever come to pass? Have you taken your "untold wealth" and bought a "hole in the water" to distract you from this investment blunder?

        I just wanted to know how the other half lives.

    • Because now with your 500% gain you can buy 5 X as many shares and take advantage of your good fortune.

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      • doncy,

        if i did that i would be as stoopid as you..

        when i last bought my MMR options (500% return for a couple of weeks investment) i coulda bought ONC on the cheap but i could invest in JBM or BT..

        JBM is one of the ten best geologists of all time who has created billions in wealth for shareholders in very high risk ventures or i could've invested in BT who has never brought any therapy to market

        ... doncy you would do well to study FCX, MMR, PXP or EXXI still great returns to be made

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