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  • btisaclown btisaclown Dec 7, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    i'm back to gloat again... this time papa FCX ...


    oh man i luv this,

    i make a ton o cash and get to post over here and make fun again and again and again of that duce bag criminal crazytrain (my personal MB toy)... watch the spitting, frothing rabid chained toothless ugly mutt dog go crazy over what i am about to post..

    ... so the other day i made over a 500% overnite on my MMR options (stunning call by me really)

    ... and some rube on this MB doncy suggested i waste my earnings and buy ONC..

    .. i suggested all wealth destroyed owners of ONC look into MMR, FCX, PXP,,,

    .. and well taking my own advice i bought FCX options at the depths of its fall yesterday well and here i am today up over 50%.. jeezus its great to be me this week.


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