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  • inteltech8841 inteltech8841 Jan 3, 2013 4:31 AM Flag

    a stock like this can easily hit $ 36

    most serious investors have seen this before with cancer therapeutic companies.

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    • Any chance you can contain the exuberance enthusiasm you currently have in ONC/Y? Mostly (nearly always) micro bios will break your heart after the pps has made some move, then turns and pitches your on to the rocks. The reason this happens, you and I are not in control of the pps movement. The stock is manipulated know that, play that way and you will reduce the number of crashes.

      ONC/Y is going up why, because someone what’s it too. A guess can be had on the reason for the rise, but more important where does the rise stop, that particular information is not in the reason. Move beyond enthusiasm and get into the head of the manipulative movement. Hint this move is a manipulation for the placement of a bought deal. It is important in the near term to analysis ONC/Y pps movement in that light.

      I am thinking the coming financing will be similar to that of January 2012. Read the details (the NR’s have the info), look at the pps close running into the base NR and then the rise between the base and add closing. If this happens again there is a load of money to be made for the swing trader, if as I believe a like financing is in the near-term.


      Sentiment: Buy

    • If, and I emphasize if, results come in as hoped, $36 will be a rest area. ONCY's treatment possibilities are much broader than companies whose stocks hit $36.

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