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  • kenny94587 kenny94587 Jan 16, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    OT but ON topic response to Yahoo getting back to me with their survey

    Yes, this is the 1st attempt anyone at yahoo.(human that is) has made to contact me or to resolve this issue. Along with the change in the yahoo message boards in your financial section, Yahoo rams changes down out throats, we complain and it all falls on deaf ears. As for forcing the new email on me recently, when I went to complain after a painfully complicated path I had to find to get to a place where I could actually complain, I noticed that I was approximately the 475th person who rated the new email with a one star rating out of possible 5. You got 100% bottom of the barrel reviews, yet you refuse to let us go back. I did not authorize the change, and the moment it happened to me was ironically the moment my contact list got spammed. I am a (left blank intentionally) and my clients confidential email address were all compromised, seemingly by your change. You hurt my business. Yahoo has become sadly arrogant, unyielding in your decision making and for example, the yahoo message boards has had a place at the bottom of the new format to complain which we all do. (all who post on the message boards have complained on the boards themselves. But you don’t acknowledge the complaints nor fix the blunders. You obviously don’t seem to care that use of our message board has shrunk dramatically since the change. (Look for example at the ONCY message board in finance). In you’re FAQs section, Yahoo writes question, “Can we switch back to our old email?” and your own answer to your own question is “NO”. Surely that is not impossible for Yahoo to do, you just choose to ignore the wishes of your customers. Not a great way to do business, Yahoo.
    Now that said, could everyone sell your shares really cheapely for the next week or so.... I need to put some in more of my family's ROTH accounts. THANKS!
    And D2 and Armed and all my other friends, Yes of course I know none of the above will make any difference to Yahoo at all. But it was still fun..

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    • Don't know if this is relevant to your situation -- but I have a yahoo BUSINESS email account. When they switched me over to their 'new, improved, with lots of annoying unnecessary features' email -- I contacted customer service and was able to switch BACK. I continue to use the old version without incident.

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    • Kenny, you get what you pay for. It's free, so no whining - especially considering you are using a yahoo account for your business. Why would you ever do that! Subscribe to a pay email service. Especially if you use it for your clients! I can't imagine $40/yr is going to put you out of business.

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      • Why would I do that? Because it has worked perfectly for over 10 years. It was Yahoo that made the change. No whining? Um, probably 70% of the posts on this message board are whining, why would YOU be here if you weren't into whining in some way? The point to my original post had a few reasons, one I was a bit surprised that Yahoo actually solicited my opinion about what happened to my email, two just to copy my post to the board as it had some revelance based on the way Yahoo also recently changed this message board to the complaines (your term, whining) or just about all of us, to demonstrate something we already knew, that Yahoo doesn't listen when they ask our opinion. (solicitation for whining??? hahaha). and to point out that their own potential 5 star rating system had yielded them something like 475 ratings of one star out of 5, meaning everyone hates the change. The old yahoo email worked great for me and my business. I also have an earthlink account. Yahoo was a bit easier to use in multiple locations. I don't like the new version so much and the irony of it enabeling someone to access my contact list was pretty transparent. My remedy was simply to delete the contact list. Easily solved but yahoo sucks none the less.
        And finally, stop whining about my whining!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nice rant Kenny, and I mean that in a good way. I've ranted at Yahoo so many times, with no response, that I concluded that no one reads the feedback or no one cares at Yahoo about the message boards that is a part of their business.

      Is there a team that does ongoing online message board programming/development/support? Not as far as I can see. Or at best they must consider it not worthy of serious consideration.

      Is there anyone at yahoo that cares about customer feedback? Not as far as I can see.

      Does Yahoo try to meet the needs of their message boards customers? Not as far as I can see.

      Does Yahoo care about their messaging customers/business? You get the idea.

      The list of complaints that I have forwarded to them is no less than several dozen on many, many occasions. If they run the rest of their business the way they deal with there message boards, how they stay in business is beyond me.

      Is there a way to show them how disappointed we are with there product?


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