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  • matt293173 matt293173 Jan 23, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    Acuity Amended Filing 13-F

    Ok, so as some of you predicted, Acutiy filed an amended 13-F.
    They actually increased their position by 274K to 12.45MM shares.

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    • While I have always maintained that the markets are a dirty place, this is beyond ridiculous. I accept that this kind of mistake can be made...once...but there is a definite pattern here and it absolutely stinks of outright manipulation. While I do like that they are buying more, this manipulation should absolutely be brought to the attention of the regulating authorities. I would gladly do it myself but I'm based in Canada, and I'm not familiar with U.S. authority channels.

      If someone could post who is appropriate to contact, as well as the number of times this has taken place now, EVERYONE here should send a kind email noting the "discrepancy". This does need to stop.

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    • How did the "mistake" affect our share price?

      I'll answer myself... It stopped the rally and then dropped the share price.

      Next question (which you can all answer).... How many incorrect reports / amended filings does it take before these so called mistakes are considered fraud?

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      • "How many incorrect reports / amended filings does it take before these so called mistakes are considered fraud?"
        The stock dropped from Jan 3rd to Jan 8 from about 4.13 to about 3.60 - this was before the first posting on Jan 17. Since the 17th we've been treading water - down 9 cents since then. The filing may have prevented a rally over the last five trading days but luckily it didn't cause a tanking of the price. It's not only Oncy's totals that changed but a lot of other stocks also showed discrepancies and the number of companies they reported on went from 78 to 103. Oncy's discrepance does appear to be the biggest count wise though. I don't think fraud - I'm thinking just sloppiness in reporting BWDIK. Let's see what this does for tomorrow's trading. BTW there has been no amendment for AGF.

    • I'm Stunned, just Stunned !!!

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