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  • bridgeconstructor bridgeconstructor Jan 25, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Dip On No News (A Feel Good Post)

    This week was easy to predict...for us and our manipulator. Not so easy is the next few weeks. Brad is now in the position to release at his choosing. Remember that he is compelled to release Bad News but has some leeway to sit on Good News. The price manipulation has to irritate him just as it does us...He is only human and he and Mat have over twelve years wrapped up in this work. He must be itching now to raise another cash cushion to comfortably see us into 2014. Lets hope that sooner rather than later the World will stand up and take notice of the amazing work that this company has produced ( Along with the help of some World Class Researchers and Institutions !)

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    • No news on Friday is good. Early to middle of the week is best to announce good news for the most impact. Bridge.. I like your optimistic post.

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    • r … you surely must be an ONC/ONCY employee. The gibberish you have just espoused is just that. You reference 12 years of work, try b13 years of stumbling along, collecting a salary that is unjustified. Coffey boy just made it out of grad school and BT took the only asset that Synsorb had and moved on to a new company called Oncolytics Biotech. He guided Synsorb into Bankruptcy! Of course when he left and magically Reolysin appeared as ONCY’s biologic with BT holding a royalty position, besides the pocket full of options. BT is a shyster IMO! I’m sure you are aware of his various interviews where he claims that he knew nothing about viruses and his claims that he was working for a $! … He knows how to deceive people. Nobody knows if BT is complicit in this MM / shorter control of the pps.
      How many years has it been since BT had all this interest for a partnership or buyout? Many years! Most of the medical officers in the company have been a joke and this includes BT and Coffey boy. How many positions do you think Coffey boy attained at the salary that BT’s conspiracy group handed him? The people who have made strides in the development of the reovirus are paid PI’s and Dr’s Lee and Strong.

      The biggest obstacle to the shareholder’s interest is BT!!! He makes a couple of million a year plus undeserved options and will continue to milk the company until he stumbles into a product approval. In ten years BT has devalued the long term holder by over 200% when one includes the Royalty conspiracy. People should realize there are effectively 95-100 million shares outstanding when options are included.

      I’m not sure if there is any company that is not running a scam that it takes 14+ years to get a product to market … and let’s hope this happens soon for the benefit of the shareholder.

      How many years did it take BT to realize the patent for Reolysin focused on an activated Ras pathway? If it took longer than 1 day it was too long! BT is a dunce or he continues to play with our money, not his. His Royalty position never gets diluted and he keeps piling up options, along with his increasing salary!

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      • 4 Replies to mystryman90266
      • And you propose to us that you are wiser than all the other members of the medical community that are very excited about REO. How can a genius, such as yourself, bare to take the time to help us miserable ignorant people out. We owe you so much. (what a #$%$)

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      • Man oh Man it doesn't take much for MM90266 to change his tune. Maybe a little manic?

        Remember when he wrote the below cited comment which sounded comparably upbeat to what he usually posts, by suggesting that everyone needs to hold to their shares? Now 3 weeks later he writes that the sky is falling. Can you really believe the change?

        by mystryman90266 . Jan 11, 2013 3:20 PM .

        Painfullllll? ... NOt really, the MM and the shorters control the price so when there is finally "a positive conclusion" the stock will find a pps much higher than today's ... and the shorters will just help create a buying frenzy!

        If you believe in the reovirus efficacy in cancer then you need to hold on to your shares.

        The non=believers and traders will try to squeeze out the share price fluctuations that they thrmselves create. It is very posible the Institutions are working hand-in-hand with the MM and even the shorters.

        IMO mm

      • Wow, if BC sounds like an employee, you sure sound like a disgrunted EX-employee. What a hit job - brutal personal attacks that demean and pigeon-hole your targets. So what if MC was a student at one time. Wasn't everyone? So now forever he is "Coffey-boy"?

        If it is all so bad, you should have left years ago. (You bizzarely mark your recommendation as "hold" on a company you clearly loathe.) It's okay and normal to disagree with management choices of others, but you are on a different track, a much darker one. The whole thrust of your post (and other posts over time) give the impression that you have been personally targeted by this extended corporate history. Unless you actually provide some evidence that you have been hard done by through this process, it is hard for the rest of us to relate.

        What is more worrisome (if we want to have empathy for you) is that your repeated posts in this vein show you to be completely entranced by your bitterness. You may think you are putting forth your "reasons" or a logical argument, but you are simply ranting and raving. What a waste of your emotional and intellectual resources.

        You aren't a believer. Super. Go find something else to believe in then.

      • Just out of curiosity, what is your personal interest, or lack thereof, in the company and/or its common stock?

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