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  • proboscises proboscises Feb 5, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    REO effect on the local-regional tumours at six weeks

    In the Dec 13 cc Brad was asked about the effect of Carbo/Tax/REO on the local-regional tumours at the time of the six week scan. Here is Brad's response at the 44:53 mark:

    {44:53} [Brad] "It's just not statistical. It's a numeric trend. It is better and it's... We just think its too
    early. And if you look at the vast majority of the patients in the centre of the curve they're all on top of each other, but the tails are different. The really good responders are all in the test arm and the really bad growth is all in the control arm. So the tails are separating, but the net effect is that doesn't change that numeric number particularly. It is higher. We just think it's too early."

    Again, further on at about the 55 minute mark there is this dialogue between Alan Ridgeway, Brad and Matt:

    [Alan Ridgeway]. ...i.e REO is doing better against local-regional?

    [Brad] Yes. The answer is yes.

    [Alan Ridgeway] So there is less shrinkage in the control arm overall compared to REO in the local-regional?

    [Brad] But it's at the tails as I explained. At six weeks the middle parts of the curve lay over top of each other, but the tails diverge.

    [Matt] It's a numerical trend at this point, Al. We're not quite at statistical significance...

    It's pretty clear that REO is showing positive activity against local-regional tumours, but it takes longer than six weeks for that (likely) statistical significance to manifest. My impression is that Brad and Matt do expect to see statistically significant activity of REO on local-regional tumours given more time. As Matt said, "We're not quite at statistical significance..." and as Brad said, "We just think it's too early."

    It will be useful to have the full transcript of the DEC 13 cc in the next few days to easily refute the patently incorrect comments of certain folk.

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