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  • starsearcher40 starsearcher40 Feb 12, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    Fund Buying (and it's BIG) explained

    Yes, the stock is heavily manipulated. This is a grooming process to collect shares as cheaply as possible while they can. What shares? YOURS. The only question is whether or not you've coughed them up. Make no mistake. It's a ruthless game, and it works. Smart money buys with them. Loose money (unfortunately a lot of naive retail) plays right in to their hands. Here's some of what I'm talking about:

    1) Accuity Investment Management now directly owns 12,454,250 shares (as of Dec 31st 2012. This represents 16.25% of outstanding shares.

    2) In addition, there are also shares held in other Accuity (or accuity related) funds.

    a) The Accuity Pooled Canadian Fund has another 1,325,000 shares, or another 1.73% of all shares.
    b) The Accuity Pure Cdn Fund has another 637,000 adding another .83%
    c) The Accuity Cdn Balanced fund has another 179,450 shares, adding another .23%
    d) The Accuity Cdn Pooled Equity fund has another 146,400 shares, adding another .19%
    e) The Accuity Cdn Balanced fund has another 211,150 shares, adding another .28%
    f) The Accuity Conservative fund has 113,400 shares, adding another .15%

    IN TOTAL, Accuity now has $19.66 % of the company.

    But then add in all the AGF funds (which is the parent company of Accuity.) In total, the AGF funds combined have 5,362,731 shares, totalling another 6.99% of the company.

    In total then between Accuity/AGF, they hold over 26% of the total outstanding shares of the company.

    Other new funds have come on in the past 6 months as well, and have taken some sizeable positions:

    1) Dynamic Power Small Cap added 1,373,200 shares as a new holding.
    2) MD Equity added 1,315,250 as a new holding.
    3) Excel Emerging Markets added 162,678 as a new holding
    4) Ishares SmallCap index added 82,835 as a new holding.

    In total there are 50 funds that now have positions in the stock. 36 of the 50 INCREASED their positions over their reporting period from their previous holdings. 7 funds stayed the same. Only 7 funds decreased their positions. 4 of the 7 that decreased only decreased by LESS THAN 6,000 shares (silly why they would even do that given they all hold tons of shares...just reporting the numbers here.) Of the 3 remaining funds, two were AGF funds which overall had a net INCREASE in positions, so possibility just moving stock between funds. That leaves one seller, which is Russell Frank Co. selling 429,000. They still hold 171,800.

    The nicest number to read is that for the reporting periiod, a total of 3,890,728 shares were ADDED to Funds. The stock is being HEAVILY accumulated.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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