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  • starsearcher40 starsearcher40 Feb 13, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    The Second Part of the Post

    I've changed some wording around to try and circumvent the blocking attempt. Hopefully this works.

    Here is the 2nd part of that Post

    The probability that this upside potential far outweights the potential for any downside drift is very high. Consider the following:

    1) The enormous accumulation by Accuity simply can't be explained as anything other than a setup for either partnership or buyout. Either of these scenarios will make current investors a LOT of money. If a bidding war were to erupt, even more. As much as I would like to see the company go it alone, (and we would make even more money that way in the long run, the signs associated with this buying seem to suggest otherwise. I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter. Either way there’s some VERY big dollars to be made here.

    2) PFS and OS data: We're not sure when, but when this data comes out, the stock (assuming good news here) will gap up very strongly. I personally think the PFS data will come out first.

    3) FDA fast track approval: The climate at the FDA has changed dramatically, particularly with regard to up and coming cancer drugs. ONCY is very well positioned for such approval. I think at this point, this could come at any time.

    4) Additional p3 or SPA approvals: We have a lot of focus on the current P3, but ONCY does have a lot of progress on many fronts. There is breadth there and any advance on any one of them could ramp up the share price significantly.

    My point is this. There's NO way at this point that I'm going to trade this stock for a few dimes here or there. The potential to be on the outside of some VERY large and powerful moves up is too great. The timeframe for any one of these (or multiple) significant upside events to happen is quite short, and the money will certainly be made...and then some. I’m quite confident we're on the precipice of what will be a truly amazing rise for the stock.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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