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  • starsearcher40 starsearcher40 Feb 14, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    Upside Potential from here. Stock setting up to RUN.

    I've held off for a couple of weeks saying this, because I wanted further confirmation that it was true. I've now reached that point, and am confident in saying that the accumulation phase has now ended, as shown by the nature of the trades going through.

    This, in and of itself, is a very important development. Not only will the stock rise strongly from here without the artificial pressure of the grooming process (shaking out loose shares and accumulating them), but those same forces that worked against the share price over the past year will now come in and work in our favour. The large holders now appear to have the shares they want, and will now participate in running the stock upwards.

    This scenario, and a tight float (over 48% institutional ownership now) should make for a VERY powerful upside from here.

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    • Mid day, and I'm thrilled with the trades going through. Absolutely NO evidence of the previous downside accumulation tactics. The "powers-that-be" that have done such a good job of grooming the stock (yes, they've been annoying, but I do admire the artistry in getting the job done) certainly aren't playing for a buck or two here. in fact, the grooming over the past year has taken place at all levels...from about $2.00-$6.00 inclusive. The stock, as a starting point even without specific news should move multi-dollars up with accumulation phase now done. I would expect these same powers to help with that effort. Then add in good news on multiple fronts on the near-term horizon, and the stock will move even more significantly. Hind-sight is always 20/20, but you do have to admire their impeccable timing in the bigger picture. Accumulation phase comes to a close just as significant positive developments are hoped for? The timing is no accident.

      Enjoy the run. Its easy to feel good about the current rises, but I do believe they are minuscule to the far bigger rises to come.

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    • Tks Star. Agree with you.


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