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  • herexhear herexhear Mar 1, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Feuerstein says what all longs are quietly wondering

    Biotech mailbag out today on the street.

    Look it up.

    Why don't shareholders put pressure on BT to stop delaying?

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    • All the blindness below, all the excuses by the invested. BT makes delay after delay and after every delay has a secondary offering of his stock. Life is good for BT

    • I see Adam the Frankenstein is up to his old tricks of telling only things in a way that leads a reader down a negative road from an investment viewpoint. Never, not once did he mention that the Phase III H&N trial is still blinded. He leads one to believe that the company know exactly what is going on but are not releasing the information and “mining the results”. Nothing is farther from the truth which the Frankenstein has a hard time making clear.

      Now he is going to force me to do some more bottom fishing. I have all the share I will ever need but I do love sales.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Feuerstein seems to have a worse handle on what is going on then Irrational thought. He wonders why the company didn't report six weeks scans on the first 80 in the H&N PIII. ????? What???? This was never an endpoint they said would occur, nor were we expecting.

      There is an interesting website called Exposing Adam Feuerstein. On the top of the page they have a quote from him that says some like "I tried a two year stint as a buy side analyst on Wall street ...... but lets just say I am a better writer"

      Alan and hasbeen (btisclown) have the same job. Alan is alot better at it proabably makes several thousand times more than Hasbeen.

    • Why no mention on the reasons why Reovirus works better against metastatic lesions?

      None the less, at least he allows that a metastatic phase III H & N is coming.

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    • delay because patients still alive! If patients in control group are all still alive, how can you report the data?

      delay is very common thing in whatever company performing survival PIII trial.

      Problem for Adam is he only focus on one thing......and Hedge funds are behind him...

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      • 2 Replies to dnwang
      • appears you have lost that winning streak.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • All I can say is, you all who have everything in this, at least get protective puts.

        To the standard 'glad you care about us, what a humanitarian' reply, all I can say is, it is not particularly humanitarian to try to stop a multicar pileup if you can.

        Coffey said and I paraphrase, look at these phase IIs, that's what we are emphasizing. They are reasonably sure the PIII probably missed PFS - blinded or unblinded.

        Prepare yourself for the real possibility that Reo is active, just not active enough to move PFS or OS at less than p=.05.

        The only thing we can have any confidence in is eventual neo-adjuvant use.

        At least get some blood puts.

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