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  • hgff101 hgff101 Mar 7, 2013 8:30 AM Flag

    The conversation on ONCY

    Is entirely composed of those who think it is a useless failure and those who think it is a proven cure for cancer.

    Any hope for intelligent analysis is futile here.

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    • I love this thread.
      It's the blind leading the galactically stupid.

    • I resent that a little bit. I have posted plenty on the facts and results. The reasons that the board is fragmented is because there is no longer any real middle ground. There is enough data out there to make a fairly definitive conclusion. (The right one and the wrong one) For some reason the bulls endlessly tout the "great results" of an endless trail of P1 and P2 trials, the involvement of the NCIC and NCI, and a "proven" MOA. OK I get that. Unfortunately for them. a) The MOA is irrelevant unless it provides clinical efficacy but more importantly is now a joke since ONCY was blind sided by the interim look at the P3. The "Fibrous catcher's mitt" of primary tumors stops a viral particle????? Puh-lease. The data in the p1 and p2 trials is NOT good if you actually understand the data. In looking at clinical responses, smart folks throw out SD and only look at PR and CR. Only PR and CR establish clinical benefit - as in CURING cancer. Pharma has somehow managed to get the FDA to allow companies to include SD in clinical response data. So be it. Caveat Emptor. Lastly, the p3 trial is nothing short of a disaster. The company has provided data and if you can read you should know that the trial is a bust. In closing, anything can happen in a clinical trial. Clinical trials are games premised on uncertain data. Hell the FDA grants approval knowing there 1 in 20 chance that the result is random. All you have to do is look at the PPHM trial and CELG panc trials where the control arms in both studies on the same medication and the same patient population had OS differences of 1.5 months. How do you explain that? -- You don#$%$ random.

      Sad for me that the short trade is basically ruined. Sad for the longs,(including a dear friend) who have lost a fortune and will lose more, and sad for patients who are being given false hope and having scarce financial resources diverted from more promising treatments

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      • Plenty of cancer drugs are approved on the basis of combined SD/PR/CR, and not on the basis of some pie-in-the-sky cure standard that you are promoting. Your problem, rt, is that you are an idealist. Sure, it would be great if reo and every other cancer treatment was a cure for cancer. When was the last time you came across a cure (as you define a cure) for non-blood cancer in a clinical trial.... never? Let's take a recent example, Yervoy for melanoma. It's a terrible drug, with very little benefit in terms of PR and CR, and it has horrible side-effects to boot. But it's making BMS a s shitload of money and it does slow the progress of the disease on average.

    • hg what a silly question but here is the answer, the "shorters" are transient and typically related to ONC financings (which are pretty much entirely predictable), the main problem is the hard core cabal of fraudsters who constantly bombard this MB with pump, jump, dump and tout, shout, out #$%$. some like crazytrain are paid to monitor this MB, others like matdum, rjconjob, etc. are part of the cabal and then there is con#$%$ who uses upwards of 20 NICs, and as part of his criminal MO posts back and forth to himself. and this i know with 100% certainty. (rjconjob used to post using multiple NICs and once while posting to himself from another NIC signed it as rjconjob and as the criminal he is he immediately stopped using that NIC, con#$%$ was once caught engaged in really sick criminal activity on this MB and was banished for some period of time and like magic about 20 NICS that i had concluded were him immediately disappeared).. this MB is a cesspool of controlled criminality that is why there is no intelligent discourse... and like it or not my negativity on ONCY (the stock) and exec management is well pretty apparent.

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      • Bridge and starsearcher post with a smoothness that is very much like what pros who understand investor psychology post. Nome a little as well.

        The guys buying it are Kenny, Carri, etc.

        The thing that keeps me interested, what if pump n dumpers actually stumbled upon a real product?

        In terms of management, they have lost credibility with me. They almost seem to be playing with the psychology of the longs.

    • So hgff, analyse for us the graph shown on page 15 of ONC's February 20 IOnvestor Presentation.

    • Wrong .. its traders versus investors

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