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  • aruba270155 aruba270155 Mar 31, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    Question re A.F.'s article on ONCY dated march 1 2013

    I'm new to ONCY, bought some shares last thursday when I saw the news of the ongoing trials pop-up in a news service I have. Have had NSCLC and am clean now for 1,5 years. Am interested in any potential cure for this disease and thus make small investments in these firms to start with.

    A.F. claims that ONCY has been delaying results of a few trials over and over again, changing trials, etc. I have not done enough DD yet to be able to determine if what he claims is false or not.

    Question: has ONCY been delaying results of ongoing trials? And if yes, did they have valid reasons for this?

    Thanks for any help.

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    • Aruba: One of the posters to this board wrote a pretty good response to AF's criticism; Proboscises’ post can be located by clicking on “highest rated” link, just above the start of the messages section. It is the highest rated post on the board.



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    • You may be surprised to have received 8 thumbs down on your question. Since you are a newbie I think you deserve a fair response. AF is seen on this site as extremely biased and unfair. He is a shill for Jim Cramer. They are seen as purposely manipulating the stock because they are heavily shorting it. This has all been discussed on this board almost ad nauseum. You should go back over the last week or two and find the threads dealing with it. The basic answer to your question is "Yes, results have been delayed and Yes they have excellent reasons, ones that will bring this drug to approval quicker and in far larger indications. Again this issue has been discussed at great length. If you dig, you will find it. I highly recommend the ONCY V2 board. It is moderated so you must join it. The discussion is more about the science and less about the stock fluctuations and manipulations. The science is more important to the overall and eventual success of this drug than the day to day stock price.

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