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  • phreephotoads phreephotoads Apr 10, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    It is sad

    When even Mr Jennings a long time ONCY supporter is losing interest as per his post on the V2 board and I have to agree, three and a half plus years since the special protocol agreement with the FDA and ONCY has had by my count at least 4 financing and has Brad moved ONCY any closer to being a reality? It seems to me that Brad is determined to make a long career out of ONCY. Well lets hope he proves me wrong in the not to distant future.

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    • I am in no way losing interest. Just tired of the extended delays, and am ready to either celebrate or take my lumps. Being left in the dark, and subject to an open-ended timeframe, is like Chinese water torture.
      Positive results would be glorious, but if Reolysin doesn't work, so be it. Just tell us something!
      With that said, I'm essentially just venting. Thankfully, I have a lot of patience, as, obviously, do most on this Board.
      "Mr. Jennings"

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      • Mr Jennings??? D2, I agree, metro shouldn't have a gun. He shouldn't even have forks.

      • If it works? When has it ever not worked? (okay, some individual cases but over all trials, when has it ever not worked? It works. At the moment, there are too many people in the H&N that are still alive. Not Brad's fault, Not a bad long term investment. This is FDA protocol we are fighting through. The current spa was changed because of the obviously huge potential of being approved for use with mets. That covers many different types of cancers a huge market and the rest will be history, hopefully before too many of US are history. Things to ask are what is the control group up to? Are they living longer than expected? How, well there are lots of possible reasons. Belief, prayer and faith does work at times, energy work on a quantum physics side of things. Who knows, Chinese herbs? Diet? Great support systems and care? placebo? All that aside, the treatment group does include REO which is safe and it works most of the time. And shifting gears to the panc trial. if it works there where pretty much nothing else does? Yes we have to wait for the results, but they can't hide bad results, whereas they can sit on good results for a bit. No news it good news in this situation. But I believe good news is around the corner a few steps. Time? don't know. I would say within a month but I thought that a month ago.

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    • What is really sad are the Monday morning quarterbacks, those that complain and offer no solutions. I suggest the complainers contact the company and offer up some advice that will rectify all those perceived problems.


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