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  • carrivechio carrivechio May 30, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Yahoo precluded me from responding to pwstain

    Why are you so incensed peestain, particularly if, your false accusations of plagiarism were true? (which they're not) I would think that if I had repeated someone else's thoughts (which is not the case) then you would be pleased to read what they have already said or spoken? Instead you've chosen to flail away at me like some drunken sod who doesn't know up from down.

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    • Carrivechio, the playing field that I have to draw from showing your plagiarism is extensive, about 10 years on this board and 8 on the V2 board. If you insist I will show you side by side examples of one poster posting a point on one board and you following up with basically the same post 10 minutes to 2 hours later. As I said, the playing field is huge and I can cherry pick the finest examples. I'll be happy to continue.

      However, out of respect for other posters that seemingly know little to nothing of your past history, I'll refrain unless you call on me to show what you really are. The choice is yours little man!

    • You know that false accusations of plagiarism are the same false arguments that et tu D2 was throwing around a some time ago. You two wouldn't be related would you, like the D2 in Dumb and Dumber?

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      • carrion - only you - after a display of ignorance and petty vindictiveness on both boards that would embarrass a decent man into silence and reflection - only you (hopefully there aren't others) would continue to attack and rebuke those who are trying to make an honest citizen out of you by chiding and correcting your gaffes. I' m sure many readers (if they didn't ignore the babble) are embarrassed for you and I half expect rmd to jump in to rescue from the spectacle of your floundering.

        You may not believe this but I somaetimes think if ONC does explode into the triple digits you'll be able to afford the massive help you need.

        Have a nice day. Get those other Nics of yours out to feign support.

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