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  • Since you called out some fairly regular posters, I'll call you out.

    Your last post, as is almost all of your posts, is very much leading the reader to a comfort zone for yourself (and this is exactly what you accuse D2, Nome and others of) You've admitted that you no longer have a position here. It's pretty clear that readers are not on your wavelength, why not just go away?

    You never answer the hard questions like the one above. WHy not just go away? You can't possibly imagine you're saving this very tiny part of the world from the evils of bad management and corrupt boards. We all know they exist and that it's a possibility that some corruption might exist within the Oncy infrastructure. If you truly felt your moral compass necessitated that you save us from all the "bad people" why are you just on this board. If that's what you were about you'd be spreading yourself over countless boards where the dimwit owners are being ravaged by unscrupulous owners and management. Why are you here and no where else hgff? Riddle me that. In my opinion you are a fraud of the nth degree, not necessarily completely wrong in all that you say, but truly fraudulent in how you say it. It's time for you to go and stay gone.

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    • Asking me the question over and over again is part of the game

      This is the real world. You cant mke people go away because you disagree with them.

      Doing the stupid things youve done would make anyone stand their ground.

      There is about 1000 ridiculous stupid nonsensical things you mohrons have attributed to me and your gibberish about "corrupt management" is 1001.

      Somtherebyou have it, you caught me calling you a mohron after you howling clowns have spent the last week doing nothing but name calling.

      Grow up loser.

      So nowyou have whatbyou need. I just verbally abused you. Imagine anyone doing such a thing on this board. Unheard of.

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      • hex,
        I suggest you talk a look at the other board this morning. Geneman just posted a long analysis of the risk/reward situation were he strongly warns people to be careful especially near binary events. Frankly he did your job better than you. Yet no one is criticizing him, sniping at him or calling him names. In fact they are thanking him. Why? Partly because that board is monitored and such behavior is not tolerated as Carri knows. But there is another reason. Geneman has built up a ton-load of respect with the posters there because he is an objective thinker without a negative agenda. I know, people can have a positive agenda and be tolerated, even welcomed and that isn't fair. But as you say "it's the real world" at least of stock boards.
        You are capable of clear, deep thinking (I say that knowing that RMD will ridicule me for it) but you waste the opportunity to share those thoughts here because you bring a constant negative bias to your posts.
        Get yourself a new nick if you want to try again with a different approach.

      • Again you don't answer the question. Why aren't you saving the rest of the world? Why do you only want to save ONCY stock owners hgff?

        You call me a loser. Very mature of you hgff. Why aren't you saving the people on the apple board or on the blackberry board or...,other boards, hgff?

        You have a problem with this stock or with someone on this board and are too immature to admit it hgff?. Fess up little man, confession is good for the soul.

        And please keep up with those English lessons you're taking. You're not nearly as good as you think you are.

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