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  • behavioralsciencemodeling behavioralsciencemodeling Sep 24, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    September 30 data release

    Is the company still planning on releasing data on the p3 not later than September 30?

    If not, will they announce a date when it will be released?

    Do they have enough events to make the calculations?

    If they don't meet the September 30 deadline will they have a conference call and update us as to how close they are?

    Any help (not guesses) would be very helpful.

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    • Your guess is as good as mine or for,that matter, as good as anyone else's

    • The last few times the CEO spoke, he said "Q3 or beginning of Q4".

    • Behavior, they never stated they would by sept 30, but have said they probably will in q3, but that depends on "events" which means on people dying.
      No they won't announce ahead of time because they don't know when people are going to die.
      No they don't have enough events yet, at least as far as we know
      I don't think they will have a conference call until they have the events and some data to talk about.
      And this is all helpful, but it all is guesses as well. There is no way of knowing when people are going to die for sure. I suggest you listen to the previous couple of calls.

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    • The September 30 news release that you are referring to was not and is not a deadline. The company is waiting for enough patients to pass away so that the median values stabilize; Brad's best guess was that this would occur by the end of September or early next quarter. Brad has recently indicated that those events (deaths) are imminent.



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      • Do you truly believe that the median os is not already well established? Do you even know how to calculate a median? Just an FYI, currently the median would have to be 390 days (about 13 months for those like Armed lunatic who can't count past hundred) for any survivor to affect the the median. Do you think the median will be remotely close to 390 days? Even dogs aren't that dummmm I've already done tole ya median will be about 210 days (same as the p1) and there will be no meaningful separation between the arms -- book it. The only good out of this is that the vilest of the donkey's like Kenny and armedlunatic will lose most of their net worth. Kenny will prolly end up divorced when his wife finds out he traded the family cow for some ONCY magic beans.

    • no

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