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  • pghcheeseman pghcheeseman Nov 6, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    Phase 3 trial

    Can someone explain to me how they are going to fund a phase 3 trial?

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    • Yikes. You really should look deeper than Yahoo for your DD.

      1) they don't have 199 mil shares out.
      2) they have more $ now than 19 mil.
      3) they are already in the middle of (possibly near end?) of Phase III trial.
      4) a 2nd confirmation PhIII may be needed with ~200 people. They could maybe pull this off without raising more cash...or they could partner.

      We good?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • It was only a matter of time before speeddog made up a strawman, complete with easy to refute assertions to help everyone feel superior to "the shorts"

        Oncy management has not been particularly dilutive, keeping a small staff and spending trial money wisely.

        I dont have a problem w management, I think they are doing the best they can w a bad hand (Reo).

        I do not that longs are dishonestly suggesting the head and neck trial is near to allowing FDA approval. They will do this until the company announced a registrational phase III trial, at which time longs will switch to pretending the new trial will take no time.

      • Benefit of the doubt, one last time. The balance sheet reports dollars, not share counts. Since the "common stock" value did look high, I went to the actual financials (on ONCY's site) and learned that their stock is no-par. That means that it is booked at the values paid for it rather than being split between a tiny "par value" and "additional paid-in capital". Still, the share count is somewhere in the vicinity of 85 million shares. End of story.

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