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  • oncy_owner oncy_owner Dec 17, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Amazing coincidence

    A while back, I sold $2 Dec puts for 45 cents in premium, giving me a break-even of $1.55. And here we are, three days from expiration at $1.55. The options traders nailed the premium on this one.

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    • Wow. Looks like I am going to nail a whole 11 cents on this trade. Move over Warren Buffet.

    • All sorts of fishy things going on. Three insiders wait to buy shares on the open market AFTER the lesser part of the PIII data is released. Why didn't they buy at $2.5 before the data came out? Oh wait, they could have seen that the combined regional data (unblinded) had an OS of 130 days and figured out this might not be definitive. They would also know that the company was splitting the population along true distal and local. The population they are assessing has changed each time they have given an update and they never say why until the analysts drag it out of them. I am surprised the company is playing this game. I would have thought they would have had a buy/sell black out period that completely surrounds all of the PIII data releases. This really creates the appearance of insiders knowing what is going on ahead of time.
      Well, we can probably take this as a good sign. The insiders probably have some inkling of what data is coming and more importantly when. They could have waited for the price to drift lower but they locked in their shares shortly after the PIII data. They may have purchased in December in advance of entering another black out shortly after the new year. I have to wonder if BT even knows what a blackout period is.

    • That is not coincidence, it's manipulation. The stock price of onc/y has always been manipulated and that will never stop. I only hope the manipulation on the upside starts in the " not too distant future".

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