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  • victor_si_uk victor_si_uk Dec 9, 2000 5:41 PM Flag

    Acquistion Strategy-Call for comments

    The fact that Webtaggers has no customers apart
    from NETP may indicate that (a) NETP made a poor buy
    or (b) that Webtaggers is poor at marketing.

    However, let us assume that the Webtaggers technology is
    worthwhile. Your question about its value to NETP comes down
    to the price. NETP is paying $500,000 for a licence.
    Presumably, NETP wants Webtaggers to continue with enough
    staff in order to fulfil its contract to NETP and for
    the technology to finish up in the hands of a company
    that will continue to give NETP access to it.
    Otherwsie NETP has to find an alternative. (It may have
    already delayed the launch of the NETP "heads up"

    I would guess that a buy-out price of
    $500,000 to $1 million would be a good deal for NETP. Any
    price after that and NETP would have to feel that it
    could generate sales of the Webtaggers product from its
    own customer base or a new marketing effort -
    alternatively NETP would want to take Webtaggers off the market
    so that NETP could use it exclusively.