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  • justthefacts101 justthefacts101 Jan 11, 2001 8:55 AM Flag

    Insider Transaction & Brylane...

    Anyone have any info on Paul Bieganski, CTO of
    NETP? According to Yahoo Insider, he sold
    9,000 on
    12/29/2000. Obviously, he could have done so for "individual"
    reasons which are unrelated to the future outlook of

    I'm interested in his employment status
    at NETP and whether he was one of the few which left
    NETP on good or bad terms.

    Serious comments

    Is today's news of Brylane buying NETP solutions old
    or breaking news?

    I realize many of you think
    NETP has no viable business strategy for making
    profits however, if the Brylane deal is any indication of
    the future then NETP might just be the steal of the

    I would guess that this announcement will
    result in many call centers looking at NETP's solutions.
    I'm sure these companies will look at other solutions
    too, however you can be sure that it only takes a
    small percentage of these to make huge money.

    There are up to 75,000 call centers in the US and
    another 50,000+ outside the

    This is a huge market.

    In closing, I know many
    of you are ticked at NETP for their performance over
    the past few years but we are going to see the
    dividends start to pay off this year.

    I read in
    Information Week a few weeks ago that the companies which
    will benefit mostly in the battered B-T-C market are
    companies like Macy's (No other company mentioned). No
    mention of NETP either, however MACY's is a NETP client.

    It may not happen today, but I think NETP is
    positioned to take their fair share of the market and
    profits. I also think that many of you who predicted that
    NETP will be taken out are correct however it will not
    be for $2 per share. I don't have an range but it
    will be a very handsome return from where we are


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