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  • misterbigcity misterbigcity Apr 21, 2001 12:00 AM Flag

    Today I settled All Family Bis (cont)

    But anyway, I digress. The main point I want to make write very well. Sharp and crisp. I'm tempted to continue writing just to see what you have to say. To make a huge generalization, I'll guess that you aren't a former techie with NetP. Not to insult tetchies...but they are usually very mathematical and they don�t usually write at a very high level (we can't all be talented at everything....I can't count above ten without taking off my shoes). So my original assessment of you may have been off.

    As for you said "Tell your wife to come on over and I will treat her like a real man!!" Well, I read your comment to my wife and her response was... "Tell him I like to be treated like a woman, not like a real man." So, I'm sorry, but I tried. But it seems like yet another woman has rejected you. Okay, okay I promised to be nice. Actually she didn't say that, I made it up. Although I did tell her that you said that...and her reaction was more like, "I don't know why you would waste your time chatting with people you don't even know on a stupid message board."

    What the heck. God love her. She's totally hot and she's totally feisty. How did I get so lucky? Plus it was our daughter's 8th birthday today. So all three of us had a great evening together and I'm in a great all is forgiven. mind won't let me rest.... why are you guys so mad at NetP? What's the story behind your anger? I've lost incredible money over the last year on different companies. Hey, life isn�t fair. Some of those companies that I lost money on, I'll make money off again (like I did with Siebel and Intel over the last ten days). Others, I may have a problem investing in again (sorry JDS Uniphase but I lost too damn much money). But I don't get on message boards and blast them. Certainly NetP isn't the worst corporation around...why must you vent on them? (those crazy kids in Canada today...seemed to really hate McDonalds�why don�t you hate on them for a while?).

    So my curiosity still gets the best of me. Why do you hate NetP so?

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    • I can no longer whole-heartedly endorse this company � written Feb 4th.
      To put the previous post into context.

      We'll see if this post makes it through.

      Behold the hand of Midas but also Beware. The chosen one the boy may be, but I fear grave danger in his training.


    • A buy-out would put that all in the moot category, but the investors here will not have forgotten the experience even though the names may be changed to protect the innocent.

      NETP: Want to data-mine something? Your investors are here! Where is your vision?

      One of the points of THE POINT is that Oblio had a point all along.


      I'd paste the link but then my post might get censored...besides you can find it.

      Re: You in the dark- You are correct it is an observation. Knowing what you know I could show you something that would make your eyes pop out BUT then I wouldn't know what you know...and if the company goes bust it would all be for nothing anyway. While the comments I wrote above may seem too rosy for many of the newer posters here, true longs that have been to both places know my opinions well and will have no problem putting it into context.

      I will show you other posts but I can not cut and paste forever.




      Most investors are coherent adults, companies need to treat them as such.

      What NETP did in their 3Q CC was make a pre-announcement that no one was expecting on a Thursday afterhours (I believe), left the investors to watch the locusts to aggregate (which they did), promised to shed some light at the CC, and then at the CC failed to do what they said they would do- hoping to buy some time until the next series of announcements. Those announcements never came because the economic door had been shut.

      The egregious error was that no vision emanated from the company. Unlike a John Chambers that just admits that it was like a light switch had been flipped, they played to the "strong pipelines" which just evaporated and served to do nothing but string the true longs a long (a poor pun) for the ride.


      But alas, every true long was burned along this trail (individual or institutional) -- either initially or on the lack of follow through. Until a vision returns to the company, neither will the investors- except for the bottomfeeders and the suckerfish.

      For this fish tank there may be good nutrition in the long run near the bottom and along the sides but what price life? And it only lasts as long as someone occasionally introduces some real sustenance AT THE TOP.

      Invest blindly? I don�t think so.

      What is this sector? Personalization? Have companies been investing in ways to further personalize their sites as their cash flows dried up these past 6 months? Some have, most haven't. Just like in many areas of the net; internet security stocks for example. The need for internet security hasn�t gone away these past number of months, but those stocks have been sold off as well and due to many of the same reasons. Were companies looking to increase their expenditures in this area? Probably not.

      Incidentally look at Hailstorm and you've got to wonder, in the midst of all that it promises to do, about MSFT's reputation for security. So Hailstorm will have some hurdles to clear BUT at least it is a VISION being PUT INTO ACTION.

      NETP is not a company though it played to the crowd and when the bubble popped so did NETP's. They were caught by not having a diversified approach to attaining their overall business objectives and goals.

      Personalization is based on communication. Communication at the company has been less than optimal (to put it nicely).

      �And ORCL please.... They could give a s__t about NETP they have their own problems.�

      I would say don't knock any of the large players including IBM, SUN, ORCL, MSFT, etc until you see what they've got. FighterjockF16 might agree.

      All the ISV�s are quiet now. No big wonder why either.

      Well that is another story that has nothing to do with the state of the shareholder-management relations as they stand now or the ability of management to stand by and say nothing (through news stories or other legitimate mechanisms) as their market cap evaporated.

    • It appears you may have been touched by the hand of Dr. Snyder himself. He must be quite the guy. So you loaded up at the $1-4 range. You have missed much of the pain. You don't know about the other boards? Hmmm. It didn't seem like Soucheray did either. And where is startupgrrrl anyway?

      Hey do me a favor: Make sure someone at Net perceptions knows that there is a Net perceptions in Australia as well. It will tell me something as an investor if they decide to pursue or even address the issue.

      Something that I wrote to another poster at the bull:

      This may be ugly, but it is not the ugliest time to be a shareholder IMO. There is a CC that's close, and a shareholder meeting to attend. They have unofficially announced that the new CEO appointment should be in June. ORCL has their own problems...but ORCL is building for the future, just like MSFT is, just like IBM is...just as many other companies are.

      I don't think that aggressive marketing at this particular point in time would be wise. The sector is in shambles. I think the right move may be to hang low, conserve cash, wait until the economic climate improves (which it may be beginning to do), then go back to those same customers that put off their decision to buy solutions and mine those until a buyout or other plan goes into effect. That "going back" would be tied to the new CEO...a CEO who is experienced in the areas that NETP needs the help the most. Shareholder sentiment is low now because the vision has not been touted in a very long, long time. The shareholders wander aimlessly between PR here and PR there.

      Throughout all of this time I still find it a bit strange how NETP did indeed sell off prior to the rest of the market. Is NETP that close to the personalization core? Even if it was once, is it now? I'm not sure because of the mistakes that management has made. Many of the "mistakes" may not have even been real...but it is the perception of poor management that can be just as damaging.

      NETP is planning on graphing their stock price decline to that of the major internet indices at the shareholder meeting. If you have been in this stock for a while you know that the beginning and endpoints and all in between does not tell the story.

    • saprophytic1:

      See, now you just wrote a message where you disagreed with me "It is obvious that you were kept in the dark about a number of things", but it's not full of hate. Thanks for having more class than some others on this board.

      Two questions:

      What is it that you feel I was kept in the dark about?

      What other boards are you talking about?

      And now, my answers to your questions....

      And how do you feel about your shares of NETP now? Well, I'm not thrilled about them, to say the least. But if they got back up to the $5-$7 rage I'd make some decent money. And if they get back up to $15 I'd make a killing.

      Are you buying more at these prices? Yes, all the time. Call me a fool (I know I'm asking for it with that statement), but I am buying as much NetP stock as I can. It won't affect my lifestyle if the stock becomes worthless, but it will make me very, very good money if the stock gets back up to just $10. I feel that NetP as a company will become profitable within 12 months from now and stabilize as a $30-$50 million per year company. If/when that happens I feel it's reasonable to expect the stock to be at $10-$15. And if/when that happens I'll take the money and buy another apartment complex in a city where real estate is inexpensive, but the city's economy is on the Oklahoma City, Kansas City, or Memphis.

    • Misterbigcity- I do not hate all of Net P. I am sure there are some very dedicated and hard working employees. What I do not care for is a Senior Management team that is not straight up with investors. Look at guys like Jeff Bezos at Amazon. Although Amazon has taken a beating in the markets, I respect the guy for his passion and comittment to his customers. I believe Net P thought they could just hit and run and leave their customers with "shelfware" with no long term consequences. Net P was incredibly lucky closing on the secondary public offering shortly before the dot-com crash. Had it not been for their stroke of luck, the doors would have been closed by now and Net P would be in the pile with the rest of the carnage. Net P will be posting earnings soon. Based on their stellar results to date, I anticipate them to come in at the low end of the targets as usual. Synder should have stepped down about 12 months ago and turned over the reins to a new Management team. I just heard a new term this week at a conference. "Ego-ruptcy" - That's when companies go bankrupt because of the owners inflated egos.

      • 1 Reply to softwaremagnate
      • softwaremagnate:

        Regarding Steven Snyder...I don't think he (or anyone else at NetP) is misleading shareholders on purpose. Software sales are funky. And when you sell million dollar solutions, a couple of deals not closing can make you miss your numbers by a long shot. And believe it or not, sometimes buyers are liars. They will waste you and your competitors� time. They will have you and your competitors fly in (on your own dime), have you and your competitors spend countless man hours responding to an RFI or an RFP, have you and your competitors send a non-disclosure agreement through legal and get it signed, have your technical people and your competitors technical people explain in detail exactly how the solutions work, have you and your competitors sales people explain in detail the business objectives that the solutions will accomplish, and place a monetary value on accomplishing those objectives (an ROI).....and then they decide not to buy any solution at all. Or worse...I should mention some companies names here but I won't....they'll take all that information on how everyone's solution works and use it to help them write something in house. They know it's a complete violation of the non-disclosure agreement, but they do it anyway. They know that no one would dare sue a big-name company like them because it would be next to impossible to win and it would scare other companies away from looking at your solution. Take a look at the companies who have their crap together AND are honest like Brylane, Guitar Center, and K-Mart. These companies took a hard look at NetP's solutions, bought them, and now are referenceable customers who are realizing millions of dollars of benefit from the implemented solutions.

        I watch CNBC every day, and every day the commentators and analysts are accusing some CEO of some company of blue skying the upcoming results. Over the last year the list of companies that could be accused of this type of thing are endless. Intel, Dell, JDSU, Cisco...I could go on and on. I don't think they were being flat out dishonest. I think they didn't want to realize or face the bad news. Either way....they should be chastised accordingly....but not drawn and quartered. You seem to say that your anger is directed more a Snyder than at NetP and its employees, but I've re-read some of you and brock's messages and your anger doesn�t seem to be directed only at Snyder. It sounds like you think Snyder's a liar, NetP is crap, and NetP's products are crap, and NetP's employees are lazy and they suck.

        Your last message was much more polite but previous postings have been very, very hateful. Again, I just don't get where that kind of anger comes from? You seem to have some personal vengeance toward NetP. Let's face CEO is going to say, "Please sell our stock. Over the next six months our company is going to go through some rough times as we struggle to adjust to the changing market conditions. Please take your money out of our company now and look at us again in six months to a year." If JDS Uniphase had done that I'd be much better off.

        As to whether or not Snyder should have stepped down long certainly looks like that from the outside, but who really knows? I know I'd be very frustrated and disheartened if I were him. Start a company, have it zoom to tremendous success, and then have it struggle to stay alive. Tough stuff to deal with. Was NetP's success only due to great market timing? I don't know. Are the troubles they're facing now only due to poor market timing? I don't know that either. We'll just have to wait for an answer. Just like the stocks I bought this week....good choices or bad? I think they're good choices, but I really don't know. I'll just have to wait and see.