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  • misterbigcity misterbigcity Apr 23, 2001 11:22 AM Flag

    Re: Today I settled All Family Business


    Okay...I tried to play nice, but you don't want to. So here goes.... You deserve to be slapped around for the kind of shit you just wrote. Don't worry though, I wouldn't hit you with my fist, you sound like too big of a pussy to take it.

    Fuck NetP. It's a job, it's a stock, it's a well-run company, or it's a piece of crap. It doesn't matter. It will survive or it won't. It will all shake out in the long run. We'll see soon enough who's right or who's wrong. It just confuses me as to why people get so damn upset and hateful about it. If you think the company is full of shit and horribly run, by all means warn everyone. But if your pathetic little life is so empty that your only true happiness is filling message boards with bile...then pencil neck geek doesn't even begin to address your problems.

    Let's see.... where do I start? You're so far off base on so many of your assumptions it's not even funny.

    Okay...I live in Minnesota? Wrong, dumb-ass...if you make your stock picks based on that kind of assumptive reasoning I can see why you're so mad.

    Don't go on some fucking rant to me about sugar, you dip-shit. My mother founded a Montessori school and one of the controversial things she did (and still does) at her school is send the crap that parents would pack in their kids lunches back home with them uneaten with a note explaining that her job was to educate; and one of the things she would like to teach the kids was how to eat healthy. Yes, I have seen an obese 3-year old. I've also seen my mother try to knock some sense into the kid�s parents so they would stop slowly killing him with horrible food choices. So don't assume because I enjoy a Dr Pepper on occasion that I don't follow a good diet. For someone who's smart enough to write well you're not very smart.

    Oh, I also sit around lusting after Brittany Spears. Wrong again. The best thing I've heard anyone call Brittany is, "A Bible thumping hoochie momma." What does that mean? She dresses like a whore, she dances and acts like a stripper, she sells her whore/stripper image to nine year olds, but her strong religious beliefs won't allow her to have sex until she's married. What the fuck is that?

    Last...but most important.... you insulted my wife. This is the funniest. I'm fortunate. I came from a big supportive family. I have a great job that I'm good at and I enjoy. I have a hilarious, loving, healthy, smart, well-adjusted daughter. And I have the coolest wife you could ever hope for. And to top it all off.... she�s drop dead hot. Now, you started I'll finish it. I don't mean I think she's hot. I mean she's fucking hot. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'4", 113#, 36-24-34. I mean she is bad-ass. Now, I'm always telling her how hot she is and she pretends she really doesn't believe it.... but it's hard for her not to believe it because it's painfully obvious that guys stop in their tracks when they see her. There is a website called "". You can post a picture of yourself or someone and have all of the various people who log on rate them on a scale of 1-10. Well...just for grins I posted her picture. Currently over 4,800 people have voted and she's standing strong at a FUCKING 9.5! So you could have called me cheesy, dumb, ugly, whatever.... and you might of had a morsel of credibility. But calling my wife fat? Wrong! In fact, now that I think about are too big a pussy for me to waste my time slapping you around. But I will let my wife kick your Pillsbury Dough-Boy ass with her tight-as-a-drum body. I'm sure you'll still be happy though because at least you can go tell your friends that a woman finally touched you.

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    • With sweetheart deals like this, how could anyone NOT want to invest more?!


      In December 2000, Net Perceptions entered into a full recourse secured promissory note and security agreement with an officer. Under the terms of the agreement, up to $300,000 will be loaned to the officer prior to April 15, 2001 solely to pay federal income tax owed by the officer in connection with the officer's exercise in March 2000 of an option to purchase shares of the Company's stock. Amounts outstanding under the note shall bear interest at 8% per annum and are secured by 33,000 shares of the Company's stock held by the officer and pledged to the Company.

      Principal and interest owed by the officer shall be forgiven if the officer's employment is terminated other than voluntarily or for cause, or if there is a change in control of the Company as defined in the agreement. Additionally, one-third of the original principal and accrued interest will be forgiven for each year that the officer remains continuously employed by the Company subsequent to April 2001. Otherwise, principal and accrued interest are payable by the officer in April 2003.

    • thing just has to be changed. There simply is no way of searching the news on your site.

      A personalization company without images of people on the website? Sure, sure of management...way in the back.

      There is no easy way of identifying alliances and relationships, your OEMs or your international partners. Is this by design.

      Let me tell you who has (or who did have) a search engine on their site: VIGN, NTGX, ENGA, ESHR, 24/7, ITRA, EXAP, CHRD. They ALL have one. ORCL has one. MSFT has one. And of course all the other larger players have one. Get One. It is the sign of a first class organization.

      Why is it that so many of the conferences that NETP went to were outside of the country and yet there is no well documented listing of it's international relationships on the site?

      By the way, have you been to the Japanese site? We found partners there that weren't even on the main NETP site.


    • off from pounding your beautiful bride and reading the posts on the bull from about Nov 15 to the present and then from last July to Nov 15. You will see how the investors have struggled to understand your company and how your leader has stood by silently.

      You may be able to bridge the investor-management chasm.

      Many in your company have seen the investors as their foes- but we all are not.

    • as much as you can. On what basis? On the basis of Brylane? Or on the basis of what you see around you at work?

      Sir there has been no substantial news from this company in a long time. If you are buying on the basis of what you see at work, then it is you who is trading based on inside information. I appreciate you telling us because in the end it may serve to bolster some of our confidences out here where the playing field is equal.

      You see sir, many of the shareholders believe that NETP employees, especially upper management, is in this for themselves. There are a number of things that have fueled this...starting with the lack of equity invested by the former CEO, the way the institutions were taken for $45/share (believe me, I'm grateful Bernieb!), the way that options are spread to the corporate executives, not to mention the 300k loan to the CFO.

      Ah, it is nice to know that the workers of the company (who are still present) still have a chance to fill their coffers before news fully manifests.

      In terms of your career- you do appear to be in a somewhat unique position. The link is fixed and you are still at the company. You could probably do a lot at the company just by perusing these boards- it would be quite easy. You have the potential to bridge the gap between investors and management.

      Of course, you have already told the Onceler where you found yet another Truffula tree.
      Hmm- unless.

      You are correct about much of the debris on this board--but you have not seen the half of it...which is why I mostly stay at the bull.

      You should look past the threats and see what is there. The people here are not your adversaries, they are your investors- or former investors.

      You probably have not been to but you ought to go. Plug in "Net perceptions" in the search box. You don't have to be a member. One link will post click on it and read the 63 comments.

    • Brock is on solid ground IMO. Who is your friend? Dreamcatcher? I might have thought that instead of focusing on Brock the company would have focused on Petesez.

      Somewhat mysteriously I can not access my own email account at ragingbull-- call it coincidence. My address is in case anyone is ever interested in bantering about in the background- provided I will be able to get back into it...

    • (MBC)I hope you don't write code for Net P. If so, there probably isn't a lot of code be written while you write your novels on the mesage board.

    • occasional browser:

      First things first...I have to admit you're right. I did bring her up first...I reread my postings. I was are right.

      However, I'll continue to respond (for now) to those who attempt to slam me.

    • This is sickening. Would you please stop talking about your wife(MBC). If you never post again, you would be doing me a favor. You started this wife thing, whether it is true or not(who cares) you are nothing but a braggard. Please bow out gracefully.

    • bernieb2:

      You're right. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

    • S1:

      I was speaking about my hot wife to the one idiot that brought her up, not to you. I understand that this isn't exactly the forum to be discussing hot wives...but he started it! (That was my 4-year-old boy defense).

      I may not need to be on this board because I really didn't get on here to shed light on the inner workings of NetP. I love my job, I'm good at what I do, and I'll just keep my nose to the grindstone and keep plugging away. If a corporation is taken over, having "corporate knowledge" doesn't always save your job, but doing your job very well almost always does.

      Someone showed me this message board and all the crap that people were talking about NetP, and I got drawn in to the fight. I wasn't happy with the bitter, negative tone my messages had taken on, so I tried to back off and take a nicer approach. Someone (I guess) saw that as a sign of weakness and decided to go into kill mode and insult my wife. I just wish he had the balls to show his face and do that sort of thing to my face. But instead I had to take him apart verbally...which is really the better way to handle it. Violence is no way to deal with disagreement...unless it's in a boxing ring. Hey that gives me an idea!

      Okay...if you want inside's some.... someone who regularly posts messages on this site is obviously a former, sad, bitter employee of NetP. They have divulged confidential information about NetP (and they exaggerated and flat out lied about other NetP info), NetP is aware of it, and they are considering taking legal action. Do you know how easy it is to get a subpoena and go get someone's computer?

      You see, liars and cheats expose confidential information. So if you're looking for that from me...I can't help you.

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