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  • jbmarkets jbmarkets Sep 2, 2003 9:48 AM Flag

    hhill/as sent to BullMarketReport

    Hi Todd, Thought I/we'd take another stab at getting you/your reit people to see the non-Rocker/ etc side of NFI via what are in the longs' view the best explanations yet of NFI's biz model. First though, as you may recall, I suggested to you previously that the Greenberg etc. articles are alleged by many longs to be nothing more than an owner having an employee of the company in which he is the largest holder to generate articles in support of his presumed humongous short position and thereby recruit additional shorts with a disparaging view of the company that also can scare away existing and potential longs. In case you aren't aware of the trading, and the relationships of those who allegedly have been playing the alleged-by-longs short-cover-and-repeat and sell from your long account to create upticks from which to short further, and enter lowball market-on-close-orders and enter short sells usually on the Pacific and Chicago exchanges just before the bell to paint the tape down and meet your lowball market-on-close orders... Well, a 13f filing 3/31/03 indicated Rocker Partners owning 78,900 shares (non-voting and hence presumed borrowed). A 6/30/03 largest holders listing showed David A. Rocker as holding 244,000 shares long of NFI. Of course, our hedgie-friendly, screw-disclosure regulations don't require listing the short position of Rocker Partners, and affiliated-offshore entities Compass and Helmsman have zilch disclosure requirements. Longs have informed NYSE, SEC, the NY Post author covering the congressional hedge fund hearings and who knows who all else about the goings-on, but good ol' boys and the wheels toward change grind slowly. Meanwhile, besides a uniquely performing company/reit spewing out ever-increasing dividends in the face of the short attacks and trading gambits, longs have their own "analyst" who has helped them come to better understand the NFI model and its perpetuating income stream. His name is Howard Hill; an industry publication recently referred to him as a "pioneer and expert" in mortgage backed securities.
    What follows are the url's to his recent series of comments and responses/answers which have done more than anything before them to explain NFI. The support media of big shorty-hedgie have had their say, repeatedly. Turn that rock over, and here's the other side.
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