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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Feb 8, 2004 10:07 PM Flag

    Board Lacks Sense of Humor

    Seems I have offended some respected posters on this board with some light humor but that's my way.I am no short and have watched NFI climb for a year but I'm keenly aware of what happens when a plane or rocket reaches it's altitude limit....either stalls or crashes & burns.Maybe NFI is different. Check Six

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    • Humor? Look, badgerer, We don't need no stinkin' badgerers!

      stcoky the 'Federalis'

    • The airplanes I fly don't stall, crash, or burn when they reach their altitude limit. They just don't climb any higher, hence altitude limit. I guess you know just as little about airplanes as you do about the subject matter at hand.

    • Pluto is a for real hero, but he does not want to think anymore. He got mad because I was making a lot of money, and he knew it. So let it be a lesson, and one in our favor.


    • Funny things happen to guys who have had periods when their brain have been short of oxygen.

      For that service military I am thankful, for this recents "service" we are not. He has wasted the space and time of a lot of great minds.

    • Arrogance is a killer.


    • Intelligence is unevenly distributed

    • I'm not surprised about the flyboy status. I have to wonder what kind of fitness report he got once he had a command. Popping off like that while knowing nothing gets people killed.

    • Isn't that amazing from a guy who actually flew off of an aircraft carrier, and who commanded a ship at sea ?

      Assholes abound. Arrogant bastard.


    • I'm so glad that you have shared your humor with us. I especially like the joke about crashing and burning... If you did even a bit of due diligence, you would understand that this company pays its dividend from its portfolio, and that even its very conservative management has acknowledged that 2004 will see a 50% increase in that portfolio.... Put another way, upward thrust is currently 3 times gravity, and the two won't be equal until about 4 years from now, at approximately 3.5 times the current altitude.

      That is, unless the company manages to grow it's branch system as they say they will. Last year they began the year with 216 branches and had a goal of 350 by year-end. They actually had 432. This year the goal is 600 by year-end. The company also plans to keep adding branches until it gets to 1,000 nationwide in 2006 or so. Last year the company began the year with projections of $5.50 per (pre-split) share. The real results were $9.78. Are you getting the picture?

      It's a pretty sorry attempt at humor to enter a new board and accuse a regular contributor of selling Kool-Aid, and it's plain impulsive to make snap judgements about what a company is doing (you still haven't explained your "musical chairs" joke). Get real, buddy. Try contributing more than what passes for wit in the service.

      I thought I was quite restrained on your first jibe, simply explaining that the President had added to his holdings, not sold off, once you take all the buys and sells since December a year ago into account. I didn't even call you at the time on your BS accusation of musical chairs. By the way, I'll wager you that there are more insider buys in this stock as a ratio to sells than any other investment you own.

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      • For those that doubt -
        The secret of earnings growth is the leverage aspect of mortgage loans. Simple.

        NFI does not keep these loans but rather sells them off quickly and starts the loan orgination cycle again.

        As NFI continues to expand its broker network and the correspondent network across USA, it will grab more of the sub prime market share.

        As for the risk of NFI losing earnings which can happen due to massive refinancing rates if and when the mortgage came down fast. What is the likelihood of a fast drop in mortgage rate? Remote chance! With all the deficit spending, poor employment growth numbers, falling dollar, falling consumer confidence, probable re-election of Bush and the Republican congress, etc. my crystal ball says that the FED will be caught between the rock and hard place: raise the rate vs. maintain the current rate, probably keep the low rate. jmo.

    • << I'm keenly aware of what happens when a plane or rocket reaches it's altitude limit....either stalls or crashes & burns.Maybe NFI is different. >>

      Being a pilot you know when the the altitude limit is approaching. You have not crashed or burned. Think of NFI in your terms. You have followed this company stock for a year. Have you seen it crash and burn . At the most when you get old and balder you will possibly see it level off but you will not care because you will be rich enough to live next to Bill Gates.

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