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  • j7brink j7brink Aug 11, 2004 11:48 AM Flag

    Mindless enthusiasum

    Usually brings grief, becareful folks, too many other stocks without the numerous risks of NFI. The chart is telling, read history.

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    • <<The chart is telling, read history.>>

      what insightful information you bring! Chart shows a 1900% increase since Jan 01. Now if the dividends were factored in...well, that's a chart of a different color altogether. Once more, folks...the reason I use the following numbers is because I had traded EXTR profitably in Oct 01 and I thought I could do the same w/ JNPR. Then I suffered in the final tech meltdown, along with many others. So it's just a thought experiment, of sorts...

      I had roughly 200k tied up in JNPR at that point. The thought expirement was simply, what if I had sold all my JNPR on Oct 4 2000 and bought all NFI with that money? I know, silly...I would never have done that. I'd never even heard of NFI at that time. But I like these thought experiments, the what ifs..just to see what the ifs might have been.
      So, a $200,000 purchase of NFI on Jan 1, 2001, at $2.06, and reinvesting the dividends would bring the current holdings (this is slightly antiipitory, since I've included the Aug 26 div payment and reinvestment at 38.35. would today be a "net worth" of $6,246,141.20 and represent a TRAILING div income stream of $879,508.80 a year. I know, shoulda cudda. But still, that's a hell of a chart, isn't it, j7brink basher crap boy???

    • b.s. shorty, you read the NFI business plan and look at the growth yr on yr. 1st divvy paid on this stock was around 12 or 15 cents. Now we are at $1.35 and looking very soon at $2. If that is not substantial, then I am missing something.

    • makes a chart unreliable for judging a stock

      the simple fact is that longs can look forward to 20%+ annual yields going forward from now

      and short sellers can look forward to 20%+ LOSSES per year going forward

      that doesn't lie