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  • bbturlock7 bbturlock7 Dec 21, 2004 11:46 AM Flag

    I don't think MG is shorting NFI.

    Some of you may think MG is shorting NFI, but the truth is...I haven't read a post recently from MG where he says he is shorting nfi. So, I want someone to prove to the board that MG is CURRENTLY (PRESENT TENSE NOT PAST) is shorting NFI right now. All I know is the man made some wonderful picks. In a few cases I did listen and glad that I did. I wish I kept my TZOO rather than take the 20K that I made in one week. Oh well, live and learn.


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    • agandla Dec 21, 2004 12:22 PM Flag

      There could be numberous reasons for his behavior. One is that he is a hedge fund stooge. I have seen his I.D. on another message board of a hevily shorted stock.

    • Just bought a boatload of Jan 45 puts!
      by: market_genious 12/02/04 12:23 pm
      Msg: 229775 of 236782

      I smell some major coin coming my way!


      LOW of the day on Dec 2....$45.91

      Re: Just bought boatload Jan45 puts! MG
      by: market_genious 12/07/04 03:50 pm
      Msg: 230976 of 236779

      <How are those Jan 45 puts doing?
      Look to be down about 30% in just
      5 days.>

      Last I checked, expiration was OVER A MONTH AWAY! A lot could happen between now and then, CLOWN!


      LOW of the day on Dec 7....$47.26

      LOW of the day on Dec 21...$56.65

      So what will be the low in mid Jan??? Who knows, but I wouldn't want to be holding Jan 45 puts....

    • we all know he dosn't have two nickles to rub together let alone short or go long on any stock. He is a broke dick!!