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  • billf243 billf243 Feb 11, 2005 2:42 PM Flag

    i'm Joining the Fight

    I'm a shareholder in nfi and am now joining the Fight against short-sellers and criminals. Let me be clear, I see nothing wrong with legal short-selling, but naked short selling is fraud and should be stopped by our Lawmakers and Law Enforcers. I've been apathetic and passive for two years, just accepting the status quo as if things can't be changed. Well, now I see that the bad guys are bullying me around and they had basically beaten me without me even knowing I was in the Fight. Seeing the fraud with nfi is not the catalyst for joining in. It is the realization that the people behind the short-selling and fraud are likely the same people who launder money and don't have any respect for the Fair Laws of our country and our World. I'm writing to my Congessmen and Senators and will use my resources to help expose the corruption that is plaguing our stock market. Enough is enough. Dirtydirtydeeds is an inspiration to me as are all the good people standing up for our rights as citizens. I'll no longer be silent, but I'll call a spade a spade and I'll have Faith that one person telling Truth is as powerful as 10,000 men spreading lies and distortions. Do not be scared to Fight, our Free country depends on the Will of those who know right from wrong and are willing to Fight so that goodness remains in our world.

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