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  • bbturlock7 bbturlock7 Mar 7, 2005 11:51 AM Flag

    Message boards.

    short bag holder aka dirty? writes "Same tired old basher rhetoric. Avoid the issues... name calling... half-truths... out-right lies... blah, blah, blah... clog, clog, clog. "

    Gee, you sound just like ddd. Are you sure you didn't forget to change IDs? Just joking. Anyway, let me correct you.
    #1. I'm not avoiding any issue here. Actually I'm asking a legit question. "WHAT HAPPEN TO NFI-INFO.COM? So who is avoiding the question?
    #2. Name calling? In my message I didn't call anyone names. I say let Dirty's ID speak for itself. lol And he's the one who created it. haha

    #3 Half truths? What half truth? Wasn't there a domain that was working. WAS like in past tense.
    #4. Out right lies? What out right lie was in my message? HELLO?
    #5. clog? Is creating a post or two clogging? I don't think so. The poster who clogs is the guy who stays up 24/7 365 days of the year using various IDs and posting a few hundred messages PER DAY. People who don't believe it...count his messages. They number in the hundreds per day and of course various IDs are used to make that number. I doubt if it's coming from more than one person.

    Gotta go.


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    • I'm flattered that you think I'm DDD. But no, I don't have his briliant logic or finance background. I'm just a lowly engineer building a small retirement portfolio including NFI. Allow me to begin the rebuttal:

      1) If a .com clone of the ever existed I never saw it. But then I've only been following NFI since late last summer. I do remember some basher posts a few months ago where you & some others were directing people to non-existing web-sites. Are you repeating the same subterfuge?

      2) Name calling or otherwise attempting to discredit the messenger rather than the message is part of your methodology. I was referring to your over-all behavior rather than the content of one message. Your subterfuge today seems to have more to do with a non-existant web site.

      3) Again, the half-truth is the inference you make about something being wrong with some alleged web-site that was supposed to have existed. As I've already said, I don't know if it ever existed or not, but I have seen you try to make something out of nothing & this appears to be more of the same.

      4) The outright lies I'm referring to are the basher rhetoric in general, not just one message by one basher. Get over yourself.

      5) Clog is what you do when repeating the same issues again & again even though they've been dispelled.

      For anybody who wants to know: the real investor-run web-site for information on NFI (as seen in the Wall Street Journal) is at The companies own web-site is Accept no substitutes & beware of subterfuge from those that don't want you to know the truth & make informed investment decisions.