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  • $35 is a pyschological round number support level. If $35 is breached, especially at today's close, the weakness in the stock ratchets up a notch.

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    • You don't think Baremore and Swatken or whatever his name is knew something. Baremore has been good at trading NFI as an insider.
      He is in when it goes up and out when it looks bad.

    • The 35 mark is niether support or resistance or a psychologial level. It's merely 35 bucks. The current short term uptrend line remains intact down to the 34.50 level which is also a support level. The stock remains in a bullish ascending triangle. However, as you can see, the 20 dma remains elusive as of this posting. So far this is known as an inside day. This means the low is higher than the previous days low and the high is lower than the previous days high. This is a consolidation day and not much else.
      Short term Long traders should use a violation of the trend line as an exit and shorts should tighten stops on a close above the 20 dma. Close all short positions on a breakout of 37 and wait for a test and failure of the longer term down trend to re-enter a short position.
      This ain't that hard and pretty easy to see even for a novice.