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  • Grump430 Grump430 Mar 29, 2005 3:38 PM Flag

    Chart, Technicals

    A poster familiar (a relative term) with technicals said earlier today , all the technicals are positive. Let's reconsider. NFI trades under the 200 and 50dma while the 50dma is descending. Chaikin Money Flow and Accumulation/Distribution are both negative. That's just the quick look, be careful.

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    • <At the risk of being sillier>

      Don't worry, you started out sillier, but cloaked it in a pretense of superiority.

      Yahoo search isn't working, so I couldn't find Grump430's TA switch-plays regarding NFI, but he does the same crap on the SCON board. Here's an example:

      He starts out watching the 50 DMA for a couple posts, then switches to 13 DMA. Later he is looking at some patterns. Then he goes to A/D + Bollinger(20,2). Finally he goes back to 50 DMA. This takes a couple months for the full round-trip.

    • The poster indicated that NFI was under the 50 and 20 SDMAs.

      When somebody posts that all the technicals are bullish as happened in msg 286694, clearly that doesn't mean ALL the technicals. Rather all the ones the poster follows or feels relevant. Some flavors of OBV, RSI, BOP, MS, and TSV are negative as well. (Last 3 are TC2K5 proprietary)

      It was noted in the thread that the poster inadvertantly switched to EDMAs from SDMAs and corrected it in the thread.

      You are right. There is need for caution. I expressed it when I first came on the board when I suggested waiting.

      Part of what we are seeing here is a difference in time frames. I believe your time frame is longer than some of ours. sherry likely followed if not traded your time frame.

      Looks like another day has gone by without a buy signal from the 10/20 EMA crossover rule.

      Thanks Grump. Always good to see another input.

    • Yeah, you could pick only the technical indicators that support the lie your trying to tell today. But for people really trying to see what a stock is doing, they choose a set of indicators & stick with them.