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  • ironroad45 ironroad45 Oct 18, 2005 10:06 PM Flag

    NFI vs.

    Well it certainly seems like the bust with the MBREIT's.

    My two favorites from the era is EBAY & QCOM.

    Could NFI be one of the "darlings" of the REIT era?


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    • <I carried all the time for a while>

      Reminds me of a true story.

      This oldtimer Texan always wore his iron everywhere he went. He hadn't been to town for a long time, and was not aware that it had an influx of eastern city folk.

      So he was surprised and dazzled when he saw his first Mall.

      He went into a store, and when the cashier at checkout saw the holster and pistol, she began screaming and pressed the alarm button.

      A policeman arrived pronto. The oldtimer said, "OK, son, you go down this aisle and I'll go down the other, and we'll catch the SOB."

    • <so, yeah, I carry, too>

      I did all the time for a while. I found my pistols were too large and cumbersome when working out in the fields--I needed something smaller than a 1911 or six-gun. I'm too cheap to buy a .22 for around here, even though that's what I really need. Most everything I have that's a shooter is either a 44 or 45. For off-premise carry I have a 1943 Mouser HSc 32 ACP pocket pistol. It's no good for field work; not accurate enough for varmints; but good for carry being small, reliable and DA for first round.

      Have a nice one;


    • Well it certainly seems like the bust with the MBREIT's.

      "My two favorites from the era is EBAY & QCOM.

      Could NFI be one of the "darlings" of the REIT era?


      60 plus. Still a dipwad ? Prove it not with your understanding of of NFI.

      • 1 Reply to aok1903
      • aok1903 says; "...dipwad?..."

        How civil.

        As to my understanding of NFI;

        Let me begin simply; "NFI is a 'money lender'.

        NFI has branches in selected states and other originating brokers. NFI adds these loans to their portfolio or packages them and sells the loans(and they buy 'packaged loan') far as the 'swaps & LIBOR" If hill can't put it simply, be sure I can't.

        NFI increased the rate in their last monthly production on the loans by 10 basis points.
        NFI is heavy in ARM's. As rates rise(after the 2yr or 5yr 'fix' or lock) so will the "coupon" or interest payment to NFI.

        NFI is a 'non conforming' lender to the sub-prime borrower of less than 300K owner occupied single family homes(for the most part)...

        ...I could go on but let me conclude with two thinks that impress me most; NFI has a branch locally, and a resent press release stating NFI goes so far as helping delinquint out of work clients find jobs so they can pay their "due".

        Simply NFI is a money lender...and so far from a shareholders point of view they seem to be at or next to the top.

        Let's hope NFI doesn't drop a 'stinking' bomb at earnings or on the CC.

        I was among those that was disappointed last quarter when NFI suspended the DRIP. I was glad to see it reinstated.

        dipwad? Hell!

    • Well if collecting 1.40 Nov 22 is like the bring it on. This company unlike will ride the cycle which will correct. Q1 next yr or when and the mean time shareholders collect while we wait. Gee Lucent, SUN and EMC dividends never came