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  • ironroad45 ironroad45 Apr 13, 2007 9:07 AM Flag

    Beware NFI Cultist "Bull Trap"

    The NFI Cultist surely has their head in the sand; i. e. putting anyone with facts that don't match their 'rose colored' view under attack...Herb from "Market Watch" is a prime example.

    The Cultist NFI touts the book value higher than $13./shr ignoreing the fact the value of NFI portfolio of loans have fallen in value.

    The NFI Cultist believe this year dividend will be more than $4./shr. ignoreing the fact the company is facing liquidity problems and their prodution is down over 50% and not getting any better going forward.

    The NFI Cultist over the past two years has watch the stock price drop from above $50./shr to below $5./shr and say NFI is a buy. If they liked it at $50./shr or $38./shr while paying that fat $5.+ dividend I wonder what the NFI Cultist really thinks about NFI @ $5.00 per share with NO HOPE of a dividend for the next ??? til 2011 by the companies own words.

    Beware of NFI Cultist bullcrap.

    Comments please.

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