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  • captdale22 captdale22 Jul 30, 2007 3:27 AM Flag

    something to ponder.........

    YOu said: Do you know who can do naked shorts?
    Reply: I centainly do. The major brokerages facilitate the naked shorts for themselves and the major hedge funds.
    cannot believe this thread can go so long.
    Reply: People are starting to wake up to what it is doing to the market. Some just don't want to believe it goes on at the level it does. As I recall, 4.5 billion dollars per day in FTD's. Yeah thats billion.
    Open your eyes, who here can do naked shorts? not retail investor,
    Reply: Correct but the retail investor facilitates it by loaning their shares to the broker who naked shorts them.
    not hedge funds,
    Reply: get real.
    not program trading.
    Reply: I don't know about that.
    Only one kind of institution can short without shares. That is market makers.and who setup NYSE and NASDAQ, remember, that is them, they own the exchange.

    Reply: thats the only one that can do it legally and they do it all the time. That exemption by Reg SHO is part of the rules change comming up end of the year.

    If big banks say NFI are going down,
    Reply: You mean like Wachovia, Mass Mutual, Babson Group and JCP ? They are betting its going down. I don't think so.
    then it is going down.
    Reply: I don't think so.
    Because they see NFI's bank account, they know when to pull the line of credit. The only way we can survive is to join them.
    Reply: Yet, good observation: they saw NFI bank account and scrutenized their holdings under a very fine magnefying glass so yep, I'm joining them.