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  • darylg47 darylg47 Aug 11, 2007 4:45 PM Flag

    Once again the idiots are here!!!!!!

    You simpletons just do not get it do you. These outlandish comments you make are completely baseless..

    NFI has a $5.86 dollar a share LOSS! Did you hear that a $5.86 LOSS.

    The margin calls in the month of July where an unbelievable 76.5 million dollars. THEY HAVE LESS THAN 80M LEFT. The margin calls in August will be greater that in July. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE CASH TO SURVIVE.

    Further more, they are not writing anymore loans(they offer only 1 loan,FICO of 720 to qualify,you need proof of income and the interest rate is 10.8%, you can get this loan anywhre else for 6%, threfore no on will write this loan)=they are not producing ANY INCOME OR REVENUE FLOW.

    Since no one will buy the securitized mortgage bonds they used to sell(they have all been down rated to junk), every songle forclosure will be a charge against the bottom line=more gigantic LOSSES. These bonds the used to sell was the major part of how they created income. Can't sell them=no income.

    So there you have it geniuses. Margin calls will(if not already) will cause them to go bankrupt. No loan production=bankrupt. Charge offs from increasing foreclosers=bankrupt.

    You bagholders, I feel for, I really do. You bought into a co. that has 3 class action llawsuits against it for SECURITIES FRAUD. Wachovia's next margin call sends them into bankruptcy. However for you to conitnue to hold the bag with false hope making the most stupid and outlandish comments is to much. This co. is in it's final days.

    Many here have added to a already very large loss here I think last week. One of the first newbie mistakes is to add to a losing position. When they file bankruptcy, your shares will be worthless and eventually cancelled, leaving NFI without any obligaton to you. They will do this and it's legal. Part of bankruptcy protection.

    Stop deluding yourselves, get rid of this worhtless stock before it tanks to nothing and if anything, do what the professional money has already done. shohrt this stock on it's ride to zero or buy puts.

    She's going down and sinking fast and there is nothing you can do about They have no business, no money and no hope.

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