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  • dhb39399 dhb39399 Aug 16, 2007 1:39 PM Flag

    49,000 share sell and they raise bid.

    You can't be for real.

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    • I am for real and I just talked to the specialist(Bank of America). The lady there was very pleasant and explained alot of how the NYSE works. We talked for 25min. She said that they where not manipulating the price. That who ever was manipulating the price was doing it on another exchange besides NYSE(most likley PACX(Archepelago) The specialist at NYSE was only resposible for 25% of the action and therefore didn't have control of bid/ask.

      She said that Bank of America was losing money every single day they where specialist for NFI and was looking forward to the day that they would be delisted and off of their books. They said that they had 30 co.'s under 10 bucks they would like to do away with, however until some of these co.s are delisted they have to make a market in them, per NYSE rules.

      Some one is manipulating this stock to pawn these mm/jefferies shares onto the unsispecting newbie herd traders. Archpelago is a direct conect ECN and you can control bid/ask with a direct advanced trading program that allows you to send orders directly to the ECNs.

      I will not stop untill it is revealed that this co. is bankrupt and decieving the public. I'll get back to the board.