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  • dhb39399 dhb39399 Oct 3, 2007 5:34 PM Flag

    Earlier it was the Dreman hype, now it's Goldman

    He is your chance to show us that you're not dumb.

    Your famous post (a real beauty) indicates that you are:
    Re: All you new stockroaches should send your old 27-Sep-07 01:20 pm

    <<I would be surprise if Ahmadinejad is also short NFI. The pace to be if your an idiot. >>

    Please learn the English language before posting. I have no phucking idea what these two sentences mean.

    Did you mean to say "supprised" and "place"?


    The height of hypocrisy, no? Funny?...yeh! Dumb?...well....

    I'll give you the night to think about your last "faux pas". That should be enough time.
    I said:
    Re: Two Months ago..... 3-Oct-07 02:18 pm
    Thats right, jhaheed, Tekno_33 knows what that two months was all about. Painful. Make ya wince eh?

    What about the next two months?
    Well, I'm selling some around now.


    You said:
    Re: Two Months ago..... 3-Oct-07 03:46 pm
    <<I did mention that I might not be long now or in the near future just moment ago.>>

    You said you might sell some right now. Nothing definite and nothing to indicate what you will do in the future. But, by saying that you might sell some now it tells me that you do in fact have a long position right now.


    What is the obvious flaw in your last sentence, jhaheed?
    Its simple.
    I'll give you plenty of time.